Zero to Full Stack Hero

Zero to Full Stack Hero

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NO CODING experience required

From learning the Basics of Web Development to Mastering React!

We teach exciting technologies such as Redux, Firebase, Typescript, Next.js, mongoDB + MORE

Its what you all have been asking for!

If you’re starting from absolute ZERO, we got you! We are going to cover HTML, CSS, Javascript and a tonne of extra’s that will propel you into the world of web development!

Flexbox, CSS Grid, Bootstrap, Material-UI + SO MUCH MORE to make your website a looker and the next big hit!

EVERYTHING in React. We got you covered. Even TESTING!

If there is one skill you NEED to land the frontend job, it’s REDUX.

SSR made simple!

Think of the power of the Sun… Yep Firebase is THAT powerful and I’m going to teach you how to not get burnt and succeed with it!

Building iOS & Android apps?
We got you covered!

The ultimate backend bromance. We teach it all. EVEN STRIPE!

Languages like Java, C#, Swift are all considered strongly-typed languages, now Javascript can be one too. Master the superset and drastically reduce the bugs in your app today!

Mastering GraphQL will let you tap into you data like never before… oh, and it’ll most likely result in a sweet pay rise!

The Number 1 stack for a reason!

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to React
2 Component Based Design
3 Create React App
4 VS Code Extensions
5 JSX Introduction
6 BEM Naming Convention
7 Class Based vs Functional Based Components
8 Introduction to State
9 Introduction to Props
10 Styling Components
11 Creating Our First Input Form
12 Rules of Hooks
13 The useEffect Hook
14 Building Our First Custom Hook & How to use a useRef!
15 Introduction to Web Dev Essentials
16 Extensions you NEED to install right now!
17 HTML Introduction and Document Layout
18 Tags and Attributes
19 Adding Links and Images
20 Lists & Tables
21 An Introduction to Divs
22 Classes & ID’s
23 Span & Inline
24 Introduction to Storybook – Image Optimization in Next.js – Mobile First design with Tailwind CSS – Saga and Thunk Discussion
25 Getting Started with Tailwind CSS – Tailwind JIT – Dark Mode with Local Storage – Responsive Mobile First Design – Themes – Next.JS
26 Introduction to CSS and Using Dribble Design with Tailwind CSS by AVNEESH AGARWAL
27 JavaScript: Difference between const, var and let – Loops: while and for – Arrays: Push, Pop, Shift, Unshift – Connecting JS function to React component by Ben Elferink
28 JavaScript: Creating A Console Game (Thinking Outside The Box) by Ben Elferink
29 JavaScript: Having Fun With Math to Animate & Thinking Outside The Box by Ben Elferink
30 JavaScript: JavaScript Interview Questions – String Manipulations by Sanjay Tholani and Ben Elferink
31 Props & State – Class and Functional Components – Productivity Hacks – Book Recommendations – VS Code Extensions
32 React Hooks Fundamentals – React Hook Forms – CSS Modules – Datalist Dynamic Search – Investing Tips & Client Negotiation
33 Recoil Mastery – Atoms / Selectors – Recoil vs Redux – Open Q&A – Presentational Components – React Suspense – Async in Recoil – State Persistence
34 Built a Weather App – APIs – String Manipulation – useRef – Git – MomentJS – CSS Media Queries – ES6 Reduce – Glassmorphism
35 Google Sheets API + React – React-hook-form – Form Validation – useRef vs useState – Axios and API’s – Data Fetching
36 Intro to Framer Motion – JS Animations – Portfolio Ideas & Inspirations – Firebase Cloud Functions Discussion
37 Using Charts in React (ApexCharts) – react-firebase-hooks – Converting Class Based Components to Functional – Node & Express – Conditional Rendering
38 Creating a React app with Webpack and Babel by LUKA RESETAR
39 Tasty Recipes of React by SHRADDHA HINGE
40 2D Game named Breakout made in React: Implementing 3rd Party Library called Phaser – useState and useEffect hooks – Firebase Deploy by Richard Lawlor
41 Using State – Add & Edit State Items – Toggle Favourite (Boolean) and Render Filtered Lists – How To Use LocalStorage by Ben Elferink and Aldo Echeverria
42 Async functions (with a TRY/CATCH instead of a promise) – Fetching Data – Map an {Object} by Ben Elferink
43 Responsive Navbar – Router, Switch, React-router-dom – NavLink – useState – CSS Media Queries – Font Awesome Icons by Tommy Kelly
44 Video Bookmark App in React: useRef Hook – Spread Operator – Event Binding – Time Format by Asad Memon
45 Introduction to useRef Hook in React – Document Selector in VanillaJS vs useRef by Asad Memon
46 Building an E-Commerce Site with Redux – Basket Implementation – Actions & Selectors – Reduce Function – Routing in Next.js Vs React Router – Q&A
47 Redux Basic Concepts – Building a TODO App with Redux Implementation by PEDRO GONCALVES
48 Introduction to React Native & Expo – Testing Suggestions – React Native Lifecycle Focus & Blur – Advice for Interviews – Performance Optimizations
49 Building a REST API with Express and MongoDB – Testing API with POSTMAN – Deploying in Heroku – Controlling the API with a Web App – Fetching API to a Front-End Application by AADIL and SANJAY
50 Firebase Hosting 101 (Images & Videos) – Media Types – Progress Indicators – Q&A
51 Firebase Cloud Functions – Using Express on a Cloud Function – CORS – SQL vs NoSQL – Data Modelling – Recoil Overview
52 Drag and Drop it like it’s HOT! (dnd) – Typescript introduction – Portfolio 101
53 Typescript Introduction with Next.js – Building a Menu the right way with Headless UI – Tailwind CSS
54 Building a Translation App with Firebase Extensions – Next.JS – Internationalisation – SSR vs SSG – Netlify & Vercel Deployments
55 Handling Different Authentication methods in Next.js – NextAuth – Facebook & Google Sign In – Pros & Cons – Next.js Image Component & Webp Explanation – Lazy Loading
56 Stripe Session Checkout & Next.js backend – Nvm node version control – Productivity tips – react-hooks-form
57 Next.js SSR vs SSG In Practice – API’s – useRouter – How to Deploy a Next.js App to Vercel – Q&A Session
58 Intro to GraphQL – Apollo Client & Server Setup – Next.JS – SSR with GQL – Queries & Mutations [DIAMOND PREVIEW]
59 Productivity & Life Hacks 101 – Time Management – Beginner to Entrepreneur Roadmap – Career Guide & Mentorship – Q&A
60 Databases 101 and Introduction to SQL by YAP QIANG
61 Freelancing 101 by PRIYANSHU SARAF
62 Learning Linear Data Structures in Node.js -On Learning, Tracking, Big O Notation, Code Runner Extension, Classes, LinkedList Node & Queue, and Stack by ROBERT PARSONS
63 In Depth into Git Command Line Interface – Diving in Linux Bash Commands by KEVIN BARTA