XSS Attack – Most Widespread Hacking Technique

XSS Attack – Most Widespread Hacking Technique
XSS Attack – Most Widespread Hacking Technique
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Introduction to Cross Site Scripting

Cross Site Scripting or XSS is a hacking technique that exists for few decades now and that keeps on developing.

It is considered to be the most common vulnerability that has been in the OWASP top 10 for years.

You will learn how to test web application for Cross Site Scripting manually by preforming code injection from the start, as well as performing various XSS attacks through different XSS examples (changing content, session hijacking, etc) by using various XSS payloads at the same time.

We will go through basic types of Cross Site Scripting such as Stored XSS, Reflected XSS, Dom-Based XSS and we’ll explain how you can pass through all of the XSS challenges from one of the biggest Internet companies of today.

After this course you should be able to without any problems comprehend how to fix Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities by using input validation and output escaping everywhere on the web application where it’s necessary.

Even though I believe that general Hacking Tutorials that cover different topics are quite good to understand what is Ethical Hacking in general and what cyber security jobs are all about, putting “Hacking for beginners” in your resume is not really an option. But if you pass this hacking course with attention and get a good understanding of what is Cross Site Scripting, you’ll have a valuable cyber security skill under your belt that will look good in every resume of the future pen-tester, cyber security consultant, and even a web developer.

In this course my intention is not only to pass you the knowledge about XSS, but to direct you to adopt a certain mindset that will lead you to results.

Since you’ve decided for this subject, I guess you have a solid knowledge of Internet Technologies, HTML, JavaScript and some server side programming language.

What you’ll learn

  • You will gain knowledge on the most widespread hacking technique on the Internet
  • Understanding the value and environment of XSS
  • Different practical ways of using XSS
Table of Contents

Welcome to the Course
1 Introduction
2 Reality Check
3 What is Hacking

What, Why, Where of XSS
4 What is XSS
5 Why Does XSS exist
6 Where XSS exists – Client Server architecture

Basic Types of Cross-Site Scripting
7 Persistent XSS
8 Reflected XSS
9 DOM Based XSS

Basics of XSS Attacks and Prevention
10 XSS Attack Tactics
11 XSS Filters
12 XSS Protection – Escaping User Input
13 Trigger JavaScript

Cross-Site Scripting Examples
14 Changing Content
15 Stealing Cookies
16 Stealing Credentials
17 Keylogging

XSS Challenges
18 Practice – Learn – Earn
19 XSS Game Level 1 Solution
20 XSS Game Level 2 Solution
21 XSS Game Level 3 Solution
22 XSS Game Level 4 Solution