WordPress: Advanced Custom Fields

WordPress: Advanced Custom Fields
WordPress: Advanced Custom Fields
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By default, WordPress posts and pages have a limited set of data input fields. To collect and display custom data, you need external tools. This is where Advanced Custom Fields comes in handy. Using this plugin, you can create new custom fields that allow you to collect and display more information than is possible with the standard field set. In this course, Joe Casabona explains how to use Advanced Custom Fields to create custom field groups and fields; add them to your theme with HTML, CSS, and PHP; and even create a Gutenberg block without using JavaScript. Plus, learn how to write rules to control field display and export field groups for use in another WordPress site.

Topics include:

  • What are custom fields?
  • Creating field groups
  • Adding content to fields
  • Displaying fields on a child theme
  • Creating and displaying repeater fields
  • Creating a submission form
  • Creating a Gutenberg block with PHP only
  • Writing rules for field display
  • Organizing fields
  • Exporting field groups
Table of Contents

1 Customize WordPress content with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
2 What you should know
3 Demo project overview

Getting Started with ACF
4 What are custom fields
5 ACF free vs. ACF PRO
6 Downloading and installing ACF

Creating Field Groups with ACF
7 Creating your first field group
8 Field types overview
9 Adding fields to your fields group
10 Adding content to your new fields
11 Primer on adding to your website

Displaying Your Fields
12 Creating a child theme
13 Displaying basic fields
14 Displaying relational fields
15 Styling the fields

Working with Data in ACF
16 Exploring advanced features of ACF
17 What is repeatable data
18 Creating a repeater field
19 Displaying the repeater in your theme
20 Styling the repeater
21 Coding a front-end submission form
22 Creating the submission form page

Creating a Gutenberg Block
23 What do blocks mean in ACF
24 Defining your block in code
25 Defining your block in the admin
26 Writing your block callback function
27 Creating the block template
28 Making your block look good

Cleaning Up the Admin
29 Hiding meta boxes with ACF
30 Multiple rules for displaying fields
31 Organizing fields with layout types
32 Exporting field groups

33 Next steps