WinOps – DevOps on the Microsoft Azure Stack: VSTS and TFS 2018

WinOps – DevOps on the Microsoft Azure Stack: VSTS and TFS 2018
WinOps – DevOps on the Microsoft Azure Stack: VSTS and TFS 2018
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In a step by step manner learn modern Devops on the Microsoft stack processes

In this volume, you will delve into real-world leading approaches to plan your solution delivery with the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server 2018. DevOps blurs the lines between Development and Operations, when harmonized with Agile practices. It addresses good practices for delivering world class solutions. You will work on learning how to use VSTS and TFS to visualize your backlogs, manage work items, manage the defect lifecycle, and make sure that the whole process can be easily followed by everyone within your organization. You will also get to know how Kanban and Lean are essential for an optimized DevOps process and continuous improvement. With the help of this course, implement Kanban and Lean to manage your work in process (WIP). This course, makes you comfortable with dashboards and queries, which play an important role within every successful DevOps implementation, representing how to measure and monitor business value delivered. You will learn to set up dashboards to provide a window into what is happening across the portfolio, project and team levels. Alerts and notifications will then help you implement enterprise collaboration (ChatOps) within your organization. Learn to create alerts, notifications and integrate external applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Finally, work on customizing the processes on VSTS and TFS, work items, fields and workflow states along with advanced configuration options to make sure that the process you have is best suited for your team needs.

A step-by-step approach learning WinOps - DevOps on The Microsoft Stack.Plan your application using Agile, Lean and Kanban Processes within Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server 2018

What You Will Learn

  • How to adopt enterprise grade agile at scale, to help successfully manage your project
  • Kanban and Lean concepts, which can help you continuously improve your process
  • Implementation of dashboards and queries to provide you with insight-driven data for your projects
  • How to integrate with external applications such as Slack or Microsoft Teams to enable ChatOps
  • How to customize your process template to make it work within your organisation and team's needs
Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Why DevOps Starts with Agile
03 Creating Your Backlog
04 Creating Storyboards
05 Work Items Hub
06 Planning Sprints with Scrum
07 What is Kanban and Lean
08 How to Create and Use Your Kanban Board
09 Advanced Configuration Settings for Your Kanban Board
10 Create a Dashboard
11 Understand the Different Types of Widgets
12 Create Queries to Get the Data You Want
13 Use the Marketplace to Find and Install Extra Widgets
14 Use Work Item Search to Find the Items You Need
15 How to Scale Agile
16 Structuring VSTS and TFS to Use Team Collaboration
17 Manage Your Portfolio
18 Create and Test Your Personal Notifications
19 Configure Integrations with External Applications
20 Explore the Current Process Template
21 Customize a Process Template