Windows Server 2019: Storage Services

Windows Server 2019: Storage Services
Windows Server 2019: Storage Services
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Efficient and secure storage is a key piece of any enterprise network. That’s why IT managers look for admins that have mastered the ability to configure file and storage solutions on Windows Server 2019. In this course, Robert McMillen shows current and future Windows administrators how to approach NFS, storage pools, virtual storage, RAID, and more in Windows Server 2019. He covers basics such as volumes, disks, and the command-line utilities you need to format disks and edit files. He also explores advanced file services, data deduplication, virtual storage with Hyper-V, and working with alternative solutions such as RAID storage.

Topics include:

  • Working with the Computer Management interface
  • Formatting disks and editing files from the command line
  • Configuring advanced file services
  • Using PowerShell to create VHD and VHDX files
  • Implementing Storage Replica
  • Configuring tiered storage
  • Data deduplication
  • Storage on Hyper-V
  • Creating a RAID mirror in Storage Spaces Direct
Table of Contents

1 Storage techniques for Windows Server 2019

Introduction to File and Storage Services in Server 2019
2 Introduction to file and storage solutions
3 Computer Management demonstration
4 Server Manager storage roles services explained
5 Command-line disk formatting
6 Command-line file utilities
7 Volumes and disks

Configure Advanced File Services
8 Configure file sharing
9 Configure NFS and SMB quick shares
10 Configure advanced shares using FSRM
11 Discuss ReFS and NTFS scenarios
12 Configure SMB shares using PowerShell
13 Troubleshooting shared folder access

Implement Storage Features
14 Use PowerShell to create VHD and VHDX files
15 Mount VHDX files in Explorer
16 Configure data center bridging
17 Discuss Storage Replica scenarios
18 Implement Storage Replica

Configure and Optimize Storage
19 Configure an iSCSI target and initiator
20 Implementing iSNS
21 Manage server free space using Features on Demand
22 Implementing thin provisioning
23 Configure tiered storage
24 Describe DAS NAS and SANs and the usage scenarios for each topology
25 Configure MPIO

Additional Storage Roles
26 Data deduplication intro
27 Practical deduplication
28 Storage on Hyper-V
29 Formatting options in Server 2019
30 Extending and shrinking storage drive partitions in Server 2019
31 Implement backup and restore using deduplication

Other Storage Options
32 Configure storage pools
33 Creating RAID with striping and parity
34 Creating a RAID mirror in Storage Spaces Direct

35 Next steps