A Complete Course on Windows Server 2016 Administration

A Complete Course on Windows Server 2016 Administration
A Complete Course on Windows Server 2016 Administration
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Look into installation and configuration of Domain Controller, Active Directory, DNS, WebServer (IIS), Group Policy, WSUS and more.

Windows is one of the basic operating systems that every person should know if you want to get into IT. Whether you are just starting your career or moving up in your existing IT field, you always have to start with Windows and this course will teach you everything you need to know about Windows 2016 administration. In this course, you will learn Windows 2016 installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting, command line, OS tools and much more. I have also included Resume and Interview workshop that will definitely help you get your dream IT job. In addition to the lectures, there will be quizzes, homework and hand-out material just like a live classroom training. The author has been teaching this exact course in a classroom environment in New York City. Please note 80% of his students who took this course got the job in Windows within months. Imagine those who take his course only to level up their career, how productive this training can be for them.


  • Students will be able to install, configure and manage Windows server
  • Create Users, Groups, and OUs with Active Directory Users & Computers
  • Group Policy Management
  • Domain Controller and DNS Management
  • Virtual Technology Installation and Configuration
  • Disk Management
  • WSUS Server Administration
  • WebServer (IIS) Administration
  • FTP Server Installation, Configuration, and Management
Table of Contents

Syllabus Overview
1 Syllabus Overview

Module 1 – Understanding of Microsoft Windows
2 Welcome to Module 1
3 What is Windows
4 Different Versions of Windows
5 Microsoft Background and Products
6 Windows Market Share – Everyday Windows
7 Windows vs. Linux vs. MAC

Module 2 – Setting up a Lab
8 Welcome to Module 2 – Lab Setup
9 What is a Oracle Virtual Box
10 Installing Oracle Virtual Box
11 Creating First Virtual Machine

Module 3 – Windows Installation and Configuration
12 Welcome to Module 3
13 Different Ways to Install OS
14 Downloading Windows Server 2016
15 Installing Windows Server 2016
16 Adding Resources
17 Hostname and System Information
18 Windows Server GUI Overview

Module 4 – System Access and File System
19 Welcome to Module 4
20 Accessing Windows System
21 File System and Description
22 Navigating to File System
23 File Types and Creation
24 File Properties
25 Finding Files and Directories
26 File Maintenance (copy, delete, move and rename)
27 Files Operations
28 File Editing Short-Cut Keys

Module 5 – System Administration
29 Welcome to Module 5
30 User Account Management
31 Elevating User Roles
32 Monitor Users Activity (Task manager and command line)
33 System Utilities Under Accessories
34 Programs and Service Management (Control panel and services)
35 System Resource Monitoring (Task Manager)
36 Windows Event Logs
37 System Maintenance
38 Jobs and Schedules
39 Windows Settings
40 Server Manager Dashboard
41 Installing and Uninstalling Programs
42 Windows Applications (Microsoft or 3rd Party)
43 Windows Short-Cut Keys (Alt + Ctrl + Del etc.)
44 Check System Hardware (Device Manager)

Module 6 – Advance Windows Administration
45 Welcome to Module 6
46 Roles vs. Features
47 Adding Roles and Features
48 What is Domain Controller
49 Domain Controller and Active Directory
50 Active Directory Prerequisites
51 What is DNS
52 Active Directory Installation
53 Active Directory ‘Users and Computers’
54 Active Directory User Account Management
55 Installing Windows Client
56 Joining the Domain from Windows 7
57 Remove from AD DNS
58 Joining the Domain from Windows 10
59 Active Directory ‘Administrative Center’
60 Active Directory ‘Domain and Trust’
61 Active Directory ‘Module for Windows PowerShell’
62 Active Directory ‘Site and Services’
63 Active Directory Group Policy Management
64 DNS Administration
65 WebServer (IIS) Installation

Module 7 – Windows Scripting and Command Line
66 Welcome to Module 7
67 Windows Batch Scripting
68 First Batch Script ‘Hello World’
69 Script to Automate Simple Tasks
70 Windows PowerShell
71 Windows PowerShell Commands
72 Windows PowerShell ISE
73 Windows Management Instrument (WMIC)
74 Difference Between DOS and PowerShell

Module 8 – Networking and System Updates
75 Welcome to Module 8
76 What is NIC
77 Enable Internet on the VM
78 NIC Teaming
79 Network Configuration
80 Windows Updates
81 NTP Configuration
82 File Transfer Methods
83 FTP Server Installation and Configuration
84 Sharing FileSystem (Samba or NFS)
85 WSUS Server Installation and Configuration
86 Windows Firewall

Module 9 – Storage Management
87 Welcome to Module 9
88 What is Computer Storage
89 Type of Computer Storage
90 How to Add Disk
91 Extend an Existing Disk
92 Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation
94 Windows Backup and Restore

Module 10 – Additional Resources
95 Welcome to Module 10
96 What is IT
97 IT Components
98 Facts about IT
99 Facts about IT
100 Resume Workshop
101 Interview Workshop
102 Post Resume and What to Expect
103 VMWare Workstation Player (Optional)
104 Install Oracle Virtualbox on MAC