Windows Forensics Cookbook

Windows Forensics Cookbook
Windows Forensics Cookbook by Oleg Skulkin
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1784390495 | 258 Pages | EPUB, AZW3, PDF (conv) | 22 MB

Maximize the power of Windows Forensics to perform highly effective forensic investigations
Windows Forensics Cookbook provides recipes to overcome forensic challenges and helps you carry out effective investigations easily on a Windows platform. You will begin with a refresher on digital forensics and evidence acquisition, which will help you to understand the challenges faced while acquiring evidence from Windows systems. Next you will learn to acquire Windows memory data and analyze Windows systems with modern forensic tools. We also cover some more in-depth elements of forensic analysis, such as how to analyze data from Windows system artifacts, parse data from the most commonly-used web browsers and email services, and effectively report on digital forensic investigations.
You will see how Windows 10 is different from previous versions and how you can overcome the specific challenges it brings. Finally, you will learn to troubleshoot issues that arise while performing digital forensic investigations.
By the end of the book, you will be able to carry out forensics investigations efficiently.
What You Will Learn

  • Understand the challenges of acquiring evidence from Windows systems and overcome them
  • Acquire and analyze Windows memory and drive data with modern forensic tools.
  • Extract and analyze data from Windows file systems, shadow copies and the registry
  • Understand the main Windows system artifacts and learn how to parse data from them using forensic tools
  • See a forensic analysis of common web browsers, mailboxes, and instant messenger services
  • Discover how Windows 10 differs from previous versions and how to overcome the specific challenges it presents
  • Create a graphical timeline and visualize data, which can then be incorporated into the final report
  • Troubleshoot issues that arise while performing Windows forensics