Windows Autopilot Essential Training

Windows Autopilot Essential Training
Windows Autopilot Essential Training
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Windows Autopilot is a collection of technologies that make it easy to deploy Windows 10—and do so without any IT infrastructure, to boot. In this course, instructor Andrew Bettany helps you get started with Windows Autopilot, explaining how to evaluate, implement, and troubleshoot a Windows 10 deployment within your organization using Windows Autopilot. Andrew provides end-to-end walk-throughs of how both administrators and users experience Windows Autopilot. He also demonstrates how to configure and deploy devices with Windows Autopilot, as well as how to troubleshoot a variety of common issues.

Topics include:

  • Benefits of Windows Autopilot
  • Licensing options
  • Managing device hardware IDs
  • Managing Windows Autopilot as an administrator
  • How end users experience Windows Autopilot
  • Tips and tricks for managing devices
  • Configuring and deploying devices
  • Troubleshooting Windows Autopilot
Table of Contents

1 Deploying with Windows Autopilot
2 What you should know
3 Windows 10 Autopilot overview
4 Additional functionality
5 Licensing options
6 Requirements
7 Managing device IDs
8 Managing deployment profiles
9 Windows Autopilot tips and tricks
10 Autopilot walk-through Administrator
11 Autopilot walk-through End user
12 Demo Extracting device hardware IDs
13 Demo Managing deployment profiles
14 Demo Assigning deployment profiles
15 Demo Autopilot deployment
16 Demo Autopilot Reset
17 Basic Windows Autopilot troubleshooting
18 Advanced Windows Autopilot troubleshooting
19 Next steps