Vue.js Essential Training

Vue.js Essential Training
Vue.js Essential Training
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Vue.js offers developers a framework for building applications that lets them choose how deeply they want to apply the framework. This flexibility is just one of the many benefits offered by this lightweight framework. Developers also appreciate the render functions, the single-file components, the native script plugins, the CLI project generator, and other unique-yet-familiar programming options. In this course, explore the fundamentals of Vue.js. Explore the core library and learn how to make the most of templates, classes, objects, arrays, styles, modules, and more.

Topics include:

  • Basics of Vue.js
  • Installing Vue.js
  • Making an app more reactive
  • Working with templates
  • Binding classes with objects and arrays
  • Creating transitions and animations
  • Managing styles with JavaScript
  • Toggling elements with a key
  • Understanding Vue CLI installations
  • Installing additional modules
  • Adding navigation
  • Building routes and creating route links
Table of Contents

1 Why you should learn Vue.js
2 Using the exercises for this course
3 Basic installation
4 Reactive data
5 Binding data to attributes
6 Looping through data
7 Conditional data
8 Handing user input
9 Lifecycle hooks
10 Events and methods
11 Template interpolations
12 Binding attributes with v-bind
13 Using computed properties
14 Using methods
15 Binding classes with objects and arrays
16 Expressions and computed classes
17 Toggling computed classes
18 Creating transitions and animations
19 Using an animation framework
20 Working with transition groups
21 Managing styles with JavaScript
22 Creating filters
23 Toggling elements with a key
24 Categorizing lists
25 Adding computed classes
26 Deleting items and modifiers
27 Creating reusable components
28 Using props
29 Prop options
30 Building complex components
31 Emitting events from within components
32 Installing projects using the Vue CLI
33 Understanding Vue CLI installations
34 How CLI components load
35 Installing additional modules
36 Testing your module installations
37 Creating a component
38 Managing complex child components
39 Using the Chrome DevTools
40 Emitting updates
41 Adding navigation
42 Fixing component issues
43 Reorganizing hierarchy
44 Creating a checkout page
45 Building your routes
46 Creating route links
47 Next steps