Vue – The Road To Enterprise

Vue – The Road To Enterprise

English | 2021 | 335 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

Learn how to create Enterprise-Ready applications with Vue 2 and 3. Best practices, advanced patterns, guides, tricks, and more…

“Vue – The Road To Enteprise” is a book with more than 300 pages. It comprises 14 chapters that cover wide variety of guides, advanced patterns, tips, and best practices, related to development of large-scale Vue applications. This book incorporates concepts and code examples for both Vue 2 and Vue 3, so no matter which one you use, you can find something that works for you.

Migration guide and differences between Vue 2 and 3
Start The Road To Enterprise by exploring major differences between Vue 2 and 3, and migration tips, so you are prepared to convert your old projects and kick-start new ones with the latest version.

Project setup, architecture, and documentation
Setup and configure a Vue project with scalable and maintainable architecture, and explore different tools for documenting your project and components.

API layer and async operations
Make handling API requests and loading states a breeze by utilising an API layer. Explore examples showcasing how to perform and cancel API requests, and handle multiple API states, whilst keeping your code clean and easy to follow.

State management and vuex
Dive into different state managements techniques and master advanced patterns for managing, reusing, and sharing state in your application. Get to know when and how to use Vuex for handling your global state.

Advanced component and layout patterns
Change the way you write and use components by learning advanced patterns and how to handle dynamic layouts. Setup automatic registration of your most commonly used components. Discover how to use Renderless Components to provide stateful and reusable logic. In addition, learn how to handle third-party libraries by introducing wrapper components.

Performance Optimisation
Is your application slow? Are users leaving your site? No one likes to wait, especially for sluggish apps, so make sure, that yours is blazing fast. Explore multiple ways and patterns on improving and optimising performance, and decreasing the final bundle size. The less code the better!

Testing & Security
Don’t like to write tests, or are you not sure how to do it? “The Road To Enterprise” has you covered, so you can write reliable unit and e2e tests. It also covers different security aspects and how to manage access permission to pages and content.