vSphere 6.7 Part 02: Managing Storage

vSphere 6.7 Part 02: Managing Storage
vSphere 6.7 Part 02: Managing Storage
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VMware vSphere is an integral part of any modern networking environment. vSphere offers a virtualized data center that helps administrators scale infrastructure to meet business needs. This course is the second in a nine-part series designed to teach you all the essentials of configuring, managing, securing, and troubleshooting a vSphere 6.7 environment with the new HTML5 vSphere Client. In this course, instructor Rick Crisci reviews the foundations of virtual storage in vSphere, including working with storage commands (SCSI), NFS and VMFS data stores, ESXi, Storage DRS and vSAN clusters, and Virtual Volumes. By the end of the course, you should be able to configure and manage a robust and secure virtual storage solution for your organization.

Table of Contents

1 Managing storage with vSphere

vSphere Storage Basics
2 Storage performance overview
3 VMFS and NFS datastores
4 NFS3 and NFS4.1 datastores with ESXi 6.7
5 Demo Create an NFS datastore
6 Introduction to iSCSI
7 Connecting hosts and storage with software iSCSI
8 Demo Software iSCSI storage config
9 Demo Create a vSphere 6.7 VMFS datastore
10 Demo Expand a VMFS datastore
11 Demo Storage port bindings and multipathing policies
12 Dependent hardware iSCSI and ESXi 6.7
13 Independent hardware iSCSI and ESXi 6.7

vSphere Storage Advanced Concepts
14 Introduction to Storage DRS (SDRS)
15 Demo Create a Storage DRS cluster
16 vSAN 6.7 vs. traditional storage arrays
17 Introduction to vSAN 6.7 architecture
18 vSAN 6.7 disk groups
19 Demo vSAN 6.7 network configuration
20 Demo Create a vSAN6.7 cluster
21 Virtual volumes (VVOL)
22 Demo Storage IO Control (SIOC)
23 VMFS metadata consistency