vSphere 6.7 Part 01: Managing Networking

vSphere 6.7 Part 01: Managing Networking
vSphere 6.7 Part 01: Managing Networking
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VMware vSphere is an integral part of any modern networking environment. vSphere offers a virtualized data center that helps administrators scale infrastructure to meet business needs. This course is the first in a nine-part series designed to teach you all the essentials of configuring, managing, securing, and troubleshooting a vSphere 6.7 environment with the new HTML5 vSphere Client. Instructor Rick Crisci reviews the foundations of virtual networking with vSphere, including its standard and distributed switches, and provides hands-on demos of the major configuration tasks: setting up switches, security, failover, and your virtual machines on vSphere 6.7. Plus, learn how to prioritize and control traffic with NIOC, set up private VLANs, and monitor and report on network traffic.

Table of Contents

1 Managing networking in vSphere
2 Virtual networking foundations
3 vSphere Standard Switches
4 vSphere Distributed Switches
5 Demo Create a vSphere 6.7 Distributed Switch
6 vSphere Distributed Switch features
7 Demo Configure distributed port groups
8 Demo Configure vDS security policies
9 Demo Configure vDS NIC teaming and failover
10 Demo Configure traffic shaping
11 Demo Migrate VMs to a vSphere 6.7 Distributed Switch
12 Demo Verify vSphere 6.7 network configuration
13 Network I O Control (NIOC)
14 Demo Configure NIOC in vSphere 6.7
15 Private VLANs
16 Demo Configure private VLANs
17 Demo Configure port mirroring
18 Demo Configure NetFlow