Visualizing with Text

Visualizing with Text

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-0367259266 | 298 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 419 MB

Visualizing with Text uncovers the rich palette of text elements usable in visualizations from simple labels through to documents. Using a multidisciplinary research effort spanning across fields including visualization, typography, and cartography, it builds a solid foundation for the design space of text in visualization. The book illustrates many new kinds of visualizations, including microtext lines, skim formatting, and typographic sets that solve some of the shortcomings of well-known visualization techniques.

Key features:

  • More than 240 illustrations to aid inspiration of new visualizations
  • Eight new approaches to data visualization leveraging text
  • Quick reference guide for visualization with text
  • Builds a solid foundation extending current visualization theory
  • Bridges between visualization, typography, text analytics, and natural language processing

The author website, including teaching exercises and interactive demos and code, can be found here. Designers, developers, and academics can use this book as a reference and inspiration for new approaches to visualization in any application that uses text.