Visual Studio Tools for Azure Developers

Visual Studio Tools for Azure Developers
Visual Studio Tools for Azure Developers
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With the Azure-specific tools in Visual Studio, Microsoft has made it even easier for developers to transition to the cloud. In this course, instructor Walt Ritscher explains how to connect to Azure, access cloud data, and write and debug your cloud-enable code, all from within Visual Studio’s integrated development environment. Learn how to create new projects with Azure App Service, connect to data sources such as Azure SQL Server and Cosmos DB, create resource groups to manage Azure resources, build Azure functions for serverless execution of code, and monitor and debug your Azure projects.

Topics include:

  • Connecting Visual Studio to Azure
  • Creating web projects in Azure App Service
  • Publishing local projects
  • Connecting to Azure SQL Server and Cosmos DB
  • Working with blob data on Azure Storage
  • Creating resource group projects
  • Creating an Azure Function app
  • Monitoring and debugging with the Snapshot debugger
Table of Contents

1 Develop your projects with Azure tools from the Visual Studio IDE
2 What you should know
3 Server and cloud explorers
4 Connect Visual Studio to your Azure accounts
5 Work with Actions and Properties in Cloud Explorer
6 View web apps in Azure App Service
7 Create web projects on Azure App Service
8 Publish a local project to Azure App Service
9 Edit the web project
10 Connect to Azure SQL Server
11 Edit database tables
12 Tour Cosmos DB on the Azure portal
13 Work with Cosmos DB
14 Tour Azure Storage on the Azure portal
15 Work with Azure Storage
16 Tour Azure Resource Groups
17 Create a Resource Group project
18 Add an Azure service template
19 What are Azure Functions
20 Create Azure Function App in Visual Studio
21 Examine C# code for the Azure Function
22 Test Azure function in Visual Studio
23 Publish the function to the portal
24 How the Snapshot Debugger helps debug production code
25 Snapshot Debugger concepts
26 Use Snappoints in Visual Studio
27 Next steps