Visual Studio Code for Python Developers

Visual Studio Code for Python Developers
Visual Studio Code for Python Developers
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Visual Studio (VS) Code—the optimized code editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux—provides stellar support for Python right out of the box. Even if you’re already familiar with VS Code, this course can help you speed up your development work by highlighting how to best leverage this popular code editor when developing Python apps. Instructor Joe Marini covers everything from writing and debugging Python code, to using the built-in refactoring tools to make your code easier to maintain, to maximizing your productivity with must-have extensions such as REST Client. After wrapping up this course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make the most out of VS Code when working with Python projects.

Topics include:

  • Constructing a simple Python program in VS Code
  • Editing, formatting, and refactoring Python code
  • Debugging Python code
  • Setting breakpoints
  • Using Python docstring
  • Creating better comments for your source code
  • Using the REST Client extension
Table of Contents

1 An awesome editor for an awesome language
2 What you should know
3 Setting up the environment

Overview of Visual Studio Code
4 A tour of the user interface
5 Build
6 The integrated terminal

Python Code Editing
7 Editing Python code
8 Using the Python REPL
9 Formatting Python code
10 Refactoring Python code

Python Code Debugging
11 Setting up for Python debugging
12 Stepping through code
13 Breakpoints
14 Conditional breakpoints
15 Logpoints

Coding Extensions
16 Python Docstring
17 Better Comments
18 REST Client

19 Next steps