Visual Design for Web Designers, UI Designers and Developers

Visual Design for Web Designers, UI Designers and Developers
Visual Design for Web Designers, UI Designers and Developers
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Improve your UI designs by mastering Design Theory, Design principles, and Secret Techniques

Design is more science than art and can be created effectively by learning and strengthening your command over graphic design principles and techniques.

The course begins with making you understand the significance of design and how an inspiration could be taken from standard examples. You will explore design theory from a UI design perspective and become independent of the design tools. As you progress through the sections, you will understand the applications of line, shapes, typeface, and colors. In the concluding modules, you will explore the concepts of proximity, alignment, and contrast in design.

By the end of this course, you will be proficient in upgrading your designs to an advanced level with the help of visual design principles.


  • Apply design theory from a UI design perspective
  • Eliminate your dependency on design tools
  • Explore various methods of generating ideas
  • Utilize line, shapes, colors, and typeface
  • Understand block design technique
  • Develop the scale of importance
  • Use contrast, proximity, and alignment in design
Table of Contents

Introduction to Design and its Essence
1 What is Design and Can I learn it
2 Don’t Depend on Design Tools
3 Business Side of Design
4 Purpose and Goal of Design

Overcoming Blank Canvas Fear
5 Blank Canvas Fear – First thing you encounter
6 Never Design without Content
7 Examples of Designing without Content
8 Expose yourself to Good Design
9 Stealing Design Ideas
10 Ways of Generating Ideas
11 Examples of Generating Ideas
12 Work on Details Later on
13 Importance of Simple Designs

The Elements of Design → with UI and Web Design Examples
14 Focal Point of Every Design
15 Lines, Shapes and Curves
16 Using Colors and theme in your Design
17 Examples → Colors and Themes in your Design
18 Using Typography in Design – Tips and Tricks
19 Examples of Typography Contrast in Design
20 Using White Space effectively in Design
21 BLOCK Design Technique
22 Tone of your Design
23 Scale of Importance in your Designs
24 Impact of Premium Images, Illustrations and Icons in your UI Design

Principles of Design you must know
25 Principle of Proximity in Design
26 Examples of Proximity in UI Design
27 Alignment in Design
28 Examples of Alignment in Design
29 Using Contrast in Design
30 Examples of Contrast in Design
31 Repetition in Design
32 Examples of Repetition in Design
33 Balance in your Design – Symmetry and Asymmetry

Case Study → Designing a Business Card by using Design Principles
34 Grey Scale Design → Design a Business card using Photoshop
35 Adding Colors and theme to our Grey Scale Design

Advanced Visual Design Topics
36 The Framing Effect – use in Web Design and UI Design effectively
37 All about using Grids in Web Design
38 Using Grids in Mobile App Design
39 Mastering Subtle Differences in UI Design
40 What to do NEXT