Virtualization: The Big Picture

Virtualization: The Big Picture
Virtualization: The Big Picture
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Virtualization is used in datacenters and clouds around the world. In this course, you’ll learn how virtualization works, it’s numerous benefits, and have a solid foundation for future product-focused virtualization courses in the learning path.

New to virtualization? This course is one of the best entry-level virtualization courses you will find. In this course, Virtualization: The Big Picture, you’ll learn why you need virtualization and the basics of how it works. First, you’ll gain an understanding of the IT challenge before virtualization then discover how virtualization solves these challenges by making IT more efficient, lowering costs, improving availability, and making the business more agile. From there, you’ll learn how the virtualization hypervisor uses abstraction to provide these incredible benefits. Finally, you’ll explore how virtualization is used in the public cloud. By the end of this course, you’ll truly understand what virtualization is, how it can help you, and, most importantly, feel comfortable with virtualization.

Table of Contents

01 Course Overview
02 Welcome to Virtualization!
03 Why You Need to Watch This Course
04 What You’ll Learn in This Course
05 About Your Author
06 What This Module Covers
07 Virtualization Defined
08 Many Forms of Virtualization
09 Definition of a Hypervisor
10 What Is Server Virtualization
11 What Is a Virtual Machine
12 Understanding Virtual CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network
13 Type 1 vs. Type 2 Hypervisors
14 How You Administer Enterprise Virtualization
15 Virtualization vs. ‘The Cloud’
16 What You Learned
17 What This Module Covers
18 The IT Challenge Before Virtualization
19 Server Virtualization Saves Your Company Time and Money
20 Lowering Datacenter and Administrative Costs
21 Improving Availability
22 Improving Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
23 Reducing Energy Consumption
24 Increasing Business Agility
25 Complexities Introduced by Virtualization
26 Summarizing the Benefits of Virtualization
27 What You Learned
28 What This Module Covers
29 Virtualization Certifications
30 Virtualization Resources