Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts LiveLessons

Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts LiveLessons

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Learn value stream mapping key concepts, including the principles of Lean thinking, a high-level overview of the value stream mapping process, and when and how to use this strategic, transformative approach to significantly improve and optimize performance.

In this video you learn the key concepts of the value stream mapping process at a high level. Join Donna Knapp, Curriculum Development Manager for ITSM Academy, to learn how to use Lean thinking and techniques to minimize waste and make work flow. Explore the anatomy of a value stream map and the key metrics used to measure flow. Understand also how to create and execute a transformation plan and manage the associated organizational change.

Learn How To

  • Learn basic Lean and value stream concepts
  • Explore the elements and anatomy of a value stream map
  • Develop a high level understanding of the value stream mapping process
  • Determine how to identify waste and barriers to flow
  • Discover how to create a transformation plan for the future state of your value stream

Who Should Take This Course

IT professionals interested in learning the basics of Lean and value stream mapping, including quality and process improvement professionals, such as process and value stream owners and managers, quality managers, and quality assurance specialists; individuals and teams who want to better understand how to use value stream mapping with a continuous improvement effort such as DevOps or ITSM; line managers, team leaders, and supervisors who want to improve cross-functional collaboration.

Course Requirements

Some familiarity with modern software engineering, IT operations, and IT service management practices are desirable but not required.

Lesson 1: Lean Basic Concepts: In this lesson, well explore the five principles of Lean thinking and Lean anti-patterns. As both Lean and value stream mapping are about improving flow, well examine ways to make work flow and common barriers to flow. Well conclude this lesson by comparing value stream mapping to traditional continual improvement techniques and look at situations where theyre both appropriate and how they work together.

Lesson 2: Value Stream Key Concepts: In this lesson, well introduce value stream key concepts. You will learn what a value stream is, how to identify value streams and how value streams integrate with processes. Well explore the anatomy of a value stream and describe each of its key components. Well conclude this lesson by describing key value stream metrics and ways to gather and use data when getting started with a value stream mapping initiative.

Lesson 3: Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts: In this lesson, well introduce value stream mapping key concepts. Youll learn what value stream mapping is and the benefits or the why of this technique. Well introduce value stream mapping roles and deliverables and well explore each step in the value stream mapping process. Lessons are devoted to producing current state and target future state value stream maps as well as the transformation plan thats needed to achieve the target future state. Well conclude this lesson by briefly introducing the emerging value stream management discipline.

Lesson 4: Managing the Change: In this lesson, youll learn what culture is and how value stream mapping and the improvements that flow from it can represent significant culture change for organizations. Well introduce organizational change management and the components of an organizational change management program. Well talk about the important role that leadership plays in managing the cultural and organizational change that flows from a value stream mapping initiative and well describe the characteristics of a transformational leader. Well conclude this lesson by describing the characteristics of a learning organization, how to foster a learning culture and the importance of lifelong learning.

Table of Contents

1 Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts Introduction

Lesson 1 Lean Basic Concepts
2 Learning objectives
3 Five Principles of Lean Thinking
4 Making Work Flow
5 Barriers to Flow
6 Value Streams and Transformational Change

Lesson 2 Value Stream Key Concepts
7 Learning objectives
8 What is a Value Stream
9 Identifying Value Streams
10 Value Stream Maps vs. Process Maps
11 Anatomy of a Value Stream Map
12 Key Value Stream Metrics
13 Gathering and Using Data

Lesson 3 Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts
14 Learning objectives
15 The What and Why of Mapping
16 Value Stream Mapping Roles
17 Value Stream Mapping Deliverables
18 The Value Stream Mapping Process
19 Mapping the Current State
20 Designing a Target Future State
21 Creating a Transformation Plan
22 Achieving the Target Future State
23 The Other VSM Value Stream Management

Lesson 4 Managing the Change
24 Learning objectives
25 The Nature of Culture Change
26 Managing the Organizational Change
27 The Role of Leadership
28 Fostering a Learning Culture

29 Value Stream Mapping Key Concepts Summary