UX Design Creating Wireframes

UX Design Creating Wireframes
UX Design Creating Wireframes
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This course will introduce you to one of the most important UX design methods: wireframing. You'll develop an understanding of basic concepts, and be able to confidently make decisions around what to include in wireframes and how to create them.

Wireframes are one of the most important methods in UX design, yet they're commonly misunderstood and underutilized. In this course, UX Design Creating Wireframes, you’ll go from having a basic understanding of wireframes to learning some of the most important concepts in wireframing. First, you’ll explore the purpose of wireframing in the UX design process. Next, you’ll delve into different types of wireframes, what fidelity is, and how to decide what type of wireframe to create. Finally, you’ll discover how to create wireframes for a website and an application. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to create effective wireframes that put usability first for websites and applications. Software required: Adobe XD.

Table of Contents

01 - Course Overview
02 - Introduction
03 - Wireframing in the UX Design Process
04 - Wireframe Types and Tools
05 - Understanding Fidelity
06 - Annotation and Documentation
07 - Creating Wireframes
08 - Introduction
09 - Planning Your Wireframe
10 - Brainstorming and Sketching
11 - Adobe XD Overview
12 - Mobile Wireframe
13 - Desktop Wireframe
14 - Adding Annotations
15 - Clean up and Exporting for Presentation
16 - Introduction
17 - Planning Your Wireframe
18 - Wireframing in Adobe XD
19 - Annotating and Final Notes
20 - Summary and Conclusion