Using Python with Excel

Using Python with Excel
Using Python with Excel
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Python is the world’s fastest growing programming language. It’s a powerful tool that is helping to streamline development and data science. In this course from Madecraft, you can learn how to combine the power of the Python language with the data analysis and reporting tools in Microsoft Excel. Discover how to leverage the pandas and openpyxl libraries to inspect, filter, clean, and convert data and how to build solid reports that help businesses take action. Discover how to work with large amounts of data that would be unmanageable in Excel alone. By the end of this course, viewers will learn how this combination of tools can lead businesses to better insights than ever before.

Topics include:

  • Loading and saving data with pandas
  • Filtering and sorting data with pandas
  • Formatting workbooks with openpyxl
  • Creating graphs and charts with openpyxl
  • Converting data
  • Advanced graphing
Table of Contents

1 Managing Excel with Python
2 Prerequisites
3 Introducing the Python pandas library
4 Loading and saving data with pandas
5 Viewing and inspecting data with pandas
6 Filter and sort with pandas
7 Cleaning data with pandas
8 Introducing the Python openpyxl library
9 Using openpyxl with workbooks
10 Selecting cells, rows, and columns
11 Formatting workbooks
12 Graphs and charts
13 Tables and images
14 openpyxl with pandas
15 Managing multiple sheets
16 Converting data
17 Parsing large spreadsheets
18 Advanced graphing with Excel and Python
19 Next steps