Unity C# Scripting : Complete C# for Unity Game Development

Unity C# Scripting : Complete C# for Unity Game Development
Unity C# Scripting : Complete C# for Unity Game Development
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Learn C# Scripting for Unity Game Development from Absolute Basics and create your own 3D & 2D Games with Unity using C#.

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build fully functional

Games with C# and the Unity game engine. Build a strong foundation in C# Scripting and

Unity Game Development with this course.

Get Started With C# programming

Learn fundamentals of Unity API

Learn Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Create Reusable C# scripts

Learn Intermediate C# Concepts in Unity

Take Your C# Skills to the next level

A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips

Learning the fundamentals of C# Scripting in Unity puts a powerful and very useful tool at your fingertips. Unity is free, easy to learn, has excellent documentation, and is the game engine used for building games. Jobs in unity game development are plentiful, and being able to learn C# Scripting along with Unity game development will give you a strong background to more easily build awesome games. Starting with the installation of the Unity, Visual Studio, this course will take you through various C# language features and how to use them.


  • Get a solid understanding of C# & basic programming concepts
  • Learn Unity’s API from absolute basics
  • Learn Object Oriented Programming concepts
  • Learn C# Scripting with practical examples in Unity
  • Use C# skills for building Mobile/Android games
  • Implement basic AI features in Unity
  • Learn version controlling with Github, Bitbucket & SourceTree
  • Build Real 2D & 3D example games with C# & Unity
Table of Contents

Introduction to Unity C# Scripting
1 Introduction to This C# Scripting Course
2 Downloading & Installing Unity

Getting Started with C# Scripting in Unity
3 Getting Started with C# Scripting in Unity
4 Understanding Structure of a C# Script
5 Event Functions in Unity C#
6 Variables in Unity C#
7 Public Variables in Unity C#
8 The Update Function in Detail
9 Function Basics in C#
10 Functions with Return Type & Parameters in Unity
11 If Else Statements in C#
12 More Conditions and Equality Checking
13 Understanding Boolean Variables
14 Introduction to Arrays in Unity C#
15 More About Arrays in C#
16 Understanding for Loops in C#
17 While Loops in Unity C# Scripting
18 Learning foreach Loops in C#
19 Switch Case Statements in C#

Diving into Core Unity C# Programming
20 Searching & Finding GameObjects in Unity
21 Getting Access to Components using GetComponent Function
22 Moving Rotating & Scaling with Transform Component
23 Instantiating Random Objects in C#
24 Repeatedly Calling Funtions with InvokeRepeating
25 Working with KeyBoard Inputs in Unity
26 Smooth Movement with Input.GetAxis
27 Working with Mouse Input in Unity C#
28 Working with Physics – Creating Player Controller
29 Shooting Bullets Using Physics
30 Checking Collisions in Unity with C#
31 Working with Triggers
32 Understanding LookAt function
33 Loading Scenes Levels in Unity with C#

Intermediate Unity C# Scripting Concepts
34 Classes & Objects – Object Oriented Programming Concepts
35 Constructors in C# Unity
36 Using System.Serializable to Initialize Objects
37 C# Properties – Everything You Need to Know
38 Enums in C#
39 Inheritance in C# – Part 1
40 Inheritance in C# – Part 2
41 Polymorphism Virtual Functions & Overriding in C#
42 Static Variables Functions & Classes in C#
43 Understanding Method Overloading in C#
44 Using Namespaces in C# & Unity
45 Working with Attributes in Unity
46 Understanding Coroutines in Unity C#

Create a 2D Candy Catch Game – Start to Finish
47 Setting Up Sprites for Game Characters & Backgrounds
48 Setting Up the Candies
49 Creating Player Controller
50 Restricting Player Movement within Boundaries
51 Checking if Monster Eats Candies
52 Removing Candies when Out of Screen
53 Spawning Random Candies
54 Spawning Candy at Random Position
55 Repeatedly Spawning Candies
56 Checking Score
57 Showing Score UI on Screen
58 Creating Lives Counter
59 Showing Available Lives UI
60 Stop Candy Spawning on GameOver
61 Creating GameOver Panel
62 Creating Main Menu
63 Creating GameOver Menu Controller
64 Animating the GameOver Panel

Creating Useful C# Scripts Ready to Use in Your Projects
65 Zooming in And Out in Unity with C#
66 Creating Camera Shake in Unity with C#
67 Rotating Objects with Mouse with C#
68 Detecting Button Clicks and Calling Functions
69 Create 2D Infinite Scrolling Background for Runner Games

Scripting Basic Artificial Intelligence with C# in Unity
70 Getting Started with Navmesh in Unity
71 Chasing While Avoiding Obstacles
72 All About NavMesh Agent in Unity
73 Agent Moving on Ramp and Narrow Places
74 Moving Intelligent Agent Upstairs
75 Intelligent Agent Jumping with Off Mesh Links
76 Creating Off Mesh Links Manually

Scripting for Android & Mobile Devices in Unity
77 Creating Your First Android Game – Complete Process
78 Getting Started & Setting Up Android Development Environment
79 Working with Touch Inputs in Unity C#
80 Touch & Destroy Objects with RayCasting in Unity C#
81 Accelerometer Inputs in Unity C#
82 Touch Swipe Controls in Unity C#
83 Touch Joystick Input Controller in Unity C#
84 Creating Responsive UI in Unity

Learn Version Controlling – Manage Your Unity C# Projects Effectively
85 Why Use Version Controlling in Your Projects
86 Cloning and Creating New Repository
87 Practical Version Controlling Example
88 Branching Your Projects
89 Pushing Local Repository to Github & Bitbucket

Build A Complete 3D Game with Unity & C#
90 Setting Up the Game Level
91 Controlling the Ball
92 Moving Ball After First Touch
93 Checking When the Ball Falls Off the Platform
94 Camera Following the Ball Smoothly
95 Make Platforms Fall Down After Ball Goes Away
96 Spawning the Platforms
97 Random Platform Spawning Algorithm
98 Fixing Platform Falling
99 Creating Diamonds and Randomly Spawning
100 Destroying Diamonds on Collision
101 Creating Awesome Particle Effects
102 Create UiManager and Text Animations
103 More Main Menu Ui Animations
104 GameOver Menu and Animations
105 Scripting the UiManager
106 ScoreManager Score and HighSchore
107 Creating GameManager and Controlling the Whole Game
108 Final Fixes and Finishing the Game
109 Building and Publishing Our Game