Understanding Databases with SQLAlchemy: Python Data Playbook

Understanding Databases with SQLAlchemy: Python Data Playbook
Understanding Databases with SQLAlchemy: Python Data Playbook
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Working with databases is a huge part of any data professional’s tool belt. In this Playbook we will utilize SQLAlchemy to learn how to use SQL within Python and leverage the object-relational mapper capabilities of SQLAlchemy.

Databases are an integral part of data science, and every programmer that interacts with data needs to be able to work with a database. In this course, Understanding Databases with SQLAlchemy: Python Data Playbook, you will learn foundational knowledge to work with databases using SQLAlchemy. First, you will see how to perform queries. Next, you will discover how to create databases and tables and populate them with data. Finally, you will explore how to manipulate the data you inserted and queried. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of interacting with databases needed to successfully work with your database using Python with SQLAlchemy.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

Up and Running with SQLAlchemy
2 Up and Running with SQLAlchemy
3 Installing and Importing SQLAlchemy
4 Loading Data Using SQLAlchemy
5 Using Pandas and SQLAlchemy to Load, Work, and View Your Data
6 Visualizing and Graphing Data with Matplotlib
7 Takeaway

Querying with SQLAlchemy
8 Querying with SQLAlchemy
9 Picking a Database
10 Connecting to Databases Connectors and the Connection String
11 Querying with SQL
12 Object-relational Mapper (ORM) and Classical Mapping
13 The Declarative API
14 More Querying and Database Functions
15 Using Joins
16 Working with Hierarchical Tables
17 Takeaway

Creating Your Database
18 Creating Databases with SQLAlchemy
19 Creating Databases
20 Creating Tables
21 Primary Keys, Constraints, and Data Defaults
22 Inserting Data Single and Multiple Rows
23 Loading a CSV into a Table
24 Takeaway

Manipulating Your Database
25 Manipulating Databases with SQLAlchemy
26 Updating Data in a Database
27 Correlated Updates
28 Deleting Data from a Database
29 Deleting Tables
30 Takeaway

Final Takeaway
31 Final Takeaway