The Ultimate Git Course – with Applications in Unreal Engine

The Ultimate Git Course – with Applications in Unreal Engine

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Learn Git and GitHub, Version Control for Unreal Engine C++ Projects, and More!

Every developer must learn version control. If you wish to get a job in the games industry or software industry, you WILL learn these skills. If you already know them, you’re MUCH more likely to get hired.

Learn the fundamental operations in the Git version control system. We will start out with the most basic operations, running Git commands from the command line. We begin version controlling basic text files to see how Git works, before moving on to real projects. We create C++ projects in Visual Studio and VS Code, before moving on to Unreal Engine C++ projects using both Unreal Engine 4 and 5!

Learn how to stage changes, commit, branch, merge, and resolve merge conflicts, rebase, cherry pick, stash, and more. Create online remote repositories hosted by GitHub, and fetch and pull from the remotes to your local machine, push from your local repository to the remote, and clone and fork operations. Learn how to submit and approve pull requests, allowing you to contribute to other developer’s online projects version controlled by Git.

Learn how to set up Unreal Engine 4 and 5 projects with version control, allowing you to make experimental branches, commit your changes and revert, reset and rebase, and push all your changes to an online repository. Version control large files in your Unreal Engine projects by initializing Git LFS (Large File Storage) and learn how to create proper .gitignore and .gitattributes files so your projects are version controlled smoothly.

What you’ll learn

  • How Git works
  • How to use Git from the command line
  • Using Git tools such as GitHub, the GitHub desktop app, Git tools in Visual Studio and VS Code
  • Using Git to track an Unreal Engine project in both Unreal Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 4
  • Using Git to version control C++ projects in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code
  • Understanding the concepts of Git so they can use any Git based tool
  • Creating a repository
  • Committing to the repository
  • Branching, merging, rebasing, cherry picking, stashing
  • Reverting to previous versions of the project and rewriting commit history
  • Customizing git with text editors of choice
  • Resolving merge commits with different merge tools, and much more!
Table of Contents

Introduction to Git
1 Introduction
2 What is Version Control
3 A Brief History of Git
4 So, What is Git
5 Installing Git
6 The Command Line

Tracking, Staging, and Committing
7 Your First Repository
8 Config Files
9 Tracking Files
10 Your First Commit
11 Commit IDs
12 Oops! Making Amends
13 Ignoring Files
14 Useful Shortcuts
15 Reverting Commits

Branching and Merging
16 Branching
17 Merging
18 Rebasing
19 Merge Conflicts

Going Online – Setting up Remote Repositories
20 Remote Repositories
21 Creating a GitHub Account and New Remote Repository
22 SSH and HTTPS
23 Remote Tracking Branches
24 Branch Management

Commit Mastery – Manipulating our Commits
25 Changing Text Editors
26 Interactive Rebase – Squash and Reorder
27 Stashing
28 Cherry Picking

Version Controlling Real Projects
29 Version Controlling in Visual Studio
30 Operations in Visual Studio
31 Merge Conflicts in Visual Studio
32 Git in VS Code Projects
33 Git in Unreal Engine 4
34 Git Operations in Unreal Engine 4
35 Git in Unreal Engine 5
36 Git Operations in Unreal Engine 5
37 Pull Requests
38 GitHub Desktop