TypeScript for Professionals

TypeScript for Professionals

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Learn all about the TypeScript type system – taught by a Microsoft MVP

I’ve been teaching junior as well as expert developers TypeScript since 2012 (since launch) and gathered a few tricks to make it an easy and smooth learning experience. I share those experiences with you.

You can feel confident about what TypeScript is and offers

You become a competent TypeScript / JavaScript developer

A lot of effort has gone into this course to make sure you get the all the knowledge you need, as quickly as possible.

Why TypeScript

I’ve been teaching and working with JavaScript for the past 10 years. TypeScript is hands down the best way to learn JavaScript. Give a beginner JavaScript developer a workflow with the TypeScript compiler and they can actually learn stuff themselves thanks to TypeScript’s excellent 1000+ compiler errors that prevents common mistakes.

Why this course

I’m a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for TypeScript thanks to my teaching contributions in the form of books, various videos and answers on stackoverflow.

This provides the best guidance possible for all the ways you can use TypeScript for your JavaScript projects to give you the most chances of success in your professional career. This course is based on my experience in that area and curated based on key workshop insights.

What you’ll learn

  • Use TypeScript at your day to day job
  • Learn the Basics of TypeScript’s Type System
  • Use Types for annotating any JavaScript Object
  • Learn Advanced TypeScript concepts
  • Create Complex Type Utility Functions

+ Table of Contents

1 Setup and Hello World
2 Primitive Types
3 Instance Types
4 Arrays And Tuples
5 Object Types and Type Aliases
6 const declarations
7 Functions
8 Structural Typing
9 Classes
10 Target Compiler Option
11 Generics
12 Special Types any and unknown
13 JavaScript to TypeScript
14 Universal Utilities
15 Creating a Frontend Project
16 Type Assertions
17 Type Casting
18 Modules
19 Type Declarations
20 Creating an NPM Package
21 Async Await
22 ts-node

23 Lexical this
24 readonly modifier
25 Union Types
26 Literal Types
27 Type Narrowing
28 Discriminated Unions
29 Class Parameter Properties
30 Strict Compiler Option
31 Null versus Undefined
32 Intersection types
33 Optional modifier
34 Non-null Assertion Operator
35 Interfaces
36 Interface Declaration Merging
37 Types versus Interfaces
38 never type

39 implements keyword
40 Definite Assignment Assertion
41 User Defined Type Guards
42 Assertion Functions
43 Function Overloading
44 Call Signatures
45 Abstract Classes
46 Index Signatures
47 Readonly Arrays and Tuples
48 Double Assertion
49 const Assertion
50 this parameter
51 Generic Constraints

52 typeof type operator
53 Lookup Types
54 keyof type operator
55 Conditional Types
56 infer keyword
57 Mapped Types
58 Mapped type modifiers