TypeScript Essentials

TypeScript Essentials
TypeScript Essentials
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TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that makes it possible for you to be more productive when you write JavaScript applications. It enjoys widespread popularity and is a favorite in the JavaScript developer’s community. Entry-level web developers with some JavaScript experience and an understanding of object-oriented languages (such as Java or C#) will find the TypeScript syntax easy to pick up. In this course, not only will you learn the syntax, you'll discover how TypeScript’s static typing, static code analyzer, and great IDE support can transform you into a more effective and efficient coder. You’ll look at classes and learn how inheritance works; you'll explore interfaces and discover why you’ll want to use them (even though you could achieve the same functionality with classes); and you’ll learn how to integrate other JavaScript libraries into your TypeScript jobs. Before starting the course, learners should load their machines with current versions of Node.js, the Chrome browser, and Visual Studio Code.

  • Master the skill that transforms JavaScript coders into super coders
  • Understand what being a superset of JavaScript means
  • Survey the benefits of using optional types
  • Discover how classes and inheritance works
  • Learn why you’ll want to use interfaces instead of classes
  • Explore generics and how to use them
  • Pick up the ability to use existing JavaScript libraries in your TypeScript projects
Table of Contents

01 Why Use TypeScript
02 Installing TypeScript Compiler
03 Compiling Your First TypeScript Program
04 TypeScript Compiler's Options and tsconfig.json
05 TypeScript and IDEs
06 How to Run Code Samples
07 JavaScript Fat Arrow Function Expressions
08 The JavaScript Keyword let Versus var
09 TypeScript Classes and Inheritance
10 ES6 Modules and TypeScript Namespaces
11 TypeScript Generics
12 TypeScript Interfaces
13 Destructuring Objects in TypeScript
14 Typescript Union Type
15 Typescript Intersection Type
16 Mixins in Typescript
17 Using async and await in TypeScript
18 Typescript Decorators
19 How to Use TSLint
20 Type Definition Files
21 Adding JavaScript Libraries to TypeScript Apps
22 What to Read Next