Troubleshooting Spring Boot 2.0

Troubleshooting Spring Boot 2.0
Troubleshooting Spring Boot 2.0
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Quick troubleshooting tips to help you manage Spring Boot applications with ease and make them efficient and production-ready

Spring has been solving Java developers’ problems for years, helping them build enterprise-grade applications. In the pursuit of building great applications, they face some roadblocks. This course provides the tools and techniques you’ll need to debug a Spring Boot application.

You will start off by working with the Spring Boot Actuator to debug and troubleshoot your application. You will be using the Log4j framework to keep a log of your application’s health and performance as you perform different operations. Logs can reveal a whole lot about your application has and have been traditionally used to debug software applications. You will explore debugging scenarios while building Spring Boot applications using Maven and Gradle. You will be working with debuggers, available with popular IDEs, to fix some common problems in your application. Finally, you’ll learn exception handling techniques in a Spring application and how to use them to troubleshoot when using Spring Boot.

By the end of the course, you’ll have troubleshooted your applications efficiently and made them production-ready.

This course is a step-by-step approach to troubleshooting Spring Boot. Taking into consideration the audience, we have kept things simple and lucid; the content is supported by a lot of great examples, so you can get hands-on quickly.

What You Will Learn

  • Using Spring Boot Actuator to debug your Spring Boot applications in production
  • Using the Java logging framework, Log4j, to monitor application health and troubleshoot it
  • Manipulate log levels for Boot applications to suit the demands of various debugging situations
  • Resolve a few build-related problems that typically occur within Spring Boot applications while working with Maven and Gradle
  • Work with IDE debuggers to troubleshoot runtime errors and exceptions
  • Learn exception handling techniques in Spring Applications
  • Troubleshooting a few common exceptions while working with MVC and REST applications powered by Spring Boot