Test Driven Web Application Development with Ember

Test Driven Web Application Development with Ember

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Use Ember, models, components, services and more to build your own shopping cart app and explore complex relationships in Ember

Ember is an opinionated Model View View-Model (MVVM) framework and is great at creating ambitious web applications. Being an opinionated framework means that the user must follow the path of least resistance, and this can help one be productive very fast. Leave all the trivial decision making to Ember, and focus on the business logic.

Ember thus makes your life infinitely easier, whether you’re an IT professional or just a hobbyist interested in web architecture, UI design or Single-Page Applications.

In this course, you will learn to define complex relationships in Ember to build an application that will allow customers to browse products in a web-shop. The application will allow your customers to search categories for their preferred products, compare products, add them to their shopping cart, and then place them in an order list. We will then implement various functionalities and understand how to set up cross-sell/up-sell type modules. Taking this course will teach you everything you need to know to build and test-drive web apps you have built with Ember.

This course is a comprehensive and in-depth (yet easy-to-follow) tutorial that will take you on a journey to mastering application development with Ember.

What You Will Learn

  • Map complex relationships in Ember Data
  • Customize Ember Data to suit the application’s needs
  • Build Polymorphic models to group a set of related models that have unrelated behaviors
  • Trigger actions on events
  • Build a custom service to handle shared logic across an application
  • Learn to build your own data structures in Ember
  • Handle custom data structures using Transforms
  • Customize adapters to enable Ember to understand data from the backend server
  • Customize data that Ember sends to the server, empowering it to understand our request
Table of Contents

Setup and Templating
1 The Course Overview
2 Application Setup
3 Basic Routes
4 Writing Tests

Advanced Modeling
5 Reflexive Relationships
6 Reflexive Relationships (Continued)
7 Polymorphic Models
8 Transforms

Services in Ember
9 Building Services
10 Customizing Services
11 Customizing Services (Continued)
12 Service- Store Interaction

Improving Our App with Components
13 Responding to Events
14 Nesting Components
15 Component Hooks

Adapters and Server Integrations
16 Customizing Adapters
17 Customizing Serializers
18 Common Server Integrations