Test-Driven Development in Django

Test-Driven Development in Django
Test-Driven Development in Django
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As a high-level Python web framework, Django is very useful for developers to understand. Combining Django with a test-driven development process can lead to higher-quality code and a faster development cycle. In this course, follow along with Nick Walter as he explains test-driven development with Django. Nick explores functional tests and unit tests, discussing the differences. He also covers advanced testing methods, the Django testing framework, hash testing, POST requests, AJAX, and more.

Topics include:

  • TDD philosophy
  • Comparing functional and unit tests
  • Writing a test in Selenium
  • Writing a unit test
  • Testing page data
  • Hash testing
  • Writing a test for user input
  • Testing a POST request
  • AJAX implementation
  • TDD vs. testing after
Table of Contents

1 Why test-driven development TDD is important
2 What you should know
3 TDD philosophy and project overview

Functional Tests
4 Functional vs. unit tests
5 Writing a test in Selenium
6 Passing your first test
7 The Django testing framework
8 Expanding your tests

Unit Tests
9 Writing a unit test
10 Testing page data
11 Hash testing
12 Writing a test for user input
13 Saving your model
14 Testing a POST request
15 Passing the test

Advanced Testing
16 User input with functional tests
17 Waiting
19 Testing and deployment
20 TDD vs. test after

21 Next steps