Tableau Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Tableau Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
Tableau Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
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Be more productive and efficient by mastering the best practices in Tableau 2019

Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization tools used by data science and BI professionals. Data visualization is of the utmost importance in the modern business world where data is increasingly used for decision making. Tableau 2019 is a powerful, fast–growing, and self-service business intelligence and data visualization tool. Data analysis is faster in Tableau and no coding language is required to work with it.

In this course, you will discover best practices that you didn’t even know existed, and with which you can increase your efficiency and productivity while using Tableau for your daily tasks. Each section covers exciting tips, tricks, and techniques for efficient data visualizations in Tableau 2019 that you can apply in real-world scenarios to help your work get easier and help you become more efficient in your projects. You will learn how to make your visualizations look more visually appealing by adding customizations. You will also cover the new features introduced in Tableau 2019 and how it simplifies the way you use Tableau for your data science and BI requirements.

By the end of the course, you will be able to use Tableau 2019 in a highly efficient manner, having mastered its best practices.

The course compares the previous version of Tableau with the latest version, 19 , using a hands-on approach and demonstrations so you can master the latest changes. Full of useful tips, tricks, and techniques for improving productivity, this course is easy to understand with minimal jargon and theory.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover tips and tricks to boost your productivity while using Tableau
  • Get familiar with the changes in the Tableau user interface
  • Master useful keyboard shortcuts that will improve how you use Tableau and enhance your productivity
  • Improve your quality of life and, without directly improving your productivity, greatly improve your personal user experience with Tableau
  • Some best practices and conventions to be followed when working with Tableau