Systems Programming in Unix/Linux

Systems Programming in Unix/Linux
Systems Programming in Unix/Linux by K.C. Wang
English | 2018 | ISBN: 3319924281 | 452 Pages | True PDF, EPUB | 44 MB

Covering all the essential components of Unix/Linux, including process management, concurrent programming, timer and time service, file systems and network programming, this textbook emphasizes programming practice in the Unix/Linux environment. Systems Programming in Unix/Linux is intended as a textbook for systems programming courses in technically-oriented Computer Science/Engineering curricula that emphasize both theory and programming practice. The book contains many detailed working example programs with complete source code. It is also suitable for self-study by advanced programmers and computer enthusiasts.
Systems programming is an indispensable part of Computer Science/Engineering education. After taking an introductory programming course, this book is meant to further knowledge by detailing how dynamic data structures are used in practice, using programming exercises and programming projects on such topics as C structures, pointers, link lists and trees.

  • This book provides a wide range of knowledge about computer system
  • software and advanced programming skills, allowing readers to interface with operating
  • system kernel, make efficient use of system resources and develop application software.
  • It also prepares readers with the needed background to pursue advanced studies in
  • Computer Science/Engineering, such as operating systems, embedded systems, database
    systems, data mining, artificial intelligence, computer networks, network security,
    distributed and parallel computing.