System Design Course

System Design Course
System Design Course
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In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of system design concepts. The complete guide. Architectural schemes, capacity planning, API List, tests, Faq.

It help you understand how large scale systems work. Definitely worth it if your looking to prepare for interviews or even in general

1. Design a mailing system like Gmail

  • Client to Server routing
  • Service Discovery
  • Authenticating Requests
  • Caching for Performance
  • Decoupting Systems

2. Design an algorithm for an audio search engine like Shazam

  • Mapping audio to key-values
  • Pruning, transforming and chunking
  • Combinatorial hashes
  • Storing and Searching hashes

3. Design a distributed rate limiter

  • Short term fixes
  • Distributed Rate Limiting
  • Algorithms – Sliding Window & Timer Wheel
  • Partitioning Queues
  • Real-world optimisations

4. Design a calling system like Whatsapp

  • PSTN and VOIP
  • Using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Charging users for a call
  • Fuelling a recommendation engine
Table of Contents

Scope and Requirement setting
Chapter #1: Service Registration and Proxies
Chapter #2: Authentication & Global Caching
Chapter #3: API contracts & Versioning
Chapter #4: Sending, Tagging & Searching Emails
Chapter #5: Contacts & Groups
The Oracle and the Timer Wheel
Partitioning and Real-life Optimisations
Design an algorithm for an Audio Search Engine
Calling App Design: First Attempt