Switching For Network Engineers

Switching For Network Engineers

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Switching Explained the easy way!

This is primarily a lab course.

This is where you will gain the understanding needed about switching by creating labs from scratch.

You will also learn the terminology used in a switching environment.

At the end of the course, you should be able to be comfortable with switches and be able to apply what you have learned to a real-world environment. Not to mention, prepare you for the switching part of a certification.

What you’ll learn

  • This course is for those that need to get a deeper understanding of Layer2 & Layer3 switching
  • Students will learn: Spine & Leaf topology, Route redistribution, STP, VTP, Routing Ports, SVI, L2 & L3
  • Etherchannel, Switchport security, among other concepts in a switching environment
Table of Contents

Introduction to Switching for Network Engineers
1 Introduction to Course

Switching Services
2 Address Learning
3 Forward and Filtering Decision
4 Loop Avoidance

Spanning-Tree Protocols
5 STP Terms
6 STP Election Process
7 Tampering with the STP Election
8 STP Port States
9 STP Sub-Commands
10 STP Modes
11 Layer 2 EtherChannel
12 The VTP Trunking Protocol
13 Router on a Stick
14 Managing a Switch using Telnet an SSH
15 Intro to layer 3 Switching
16 Layer 3 EtherChannel with Routing
17 Spine and Leaf Topology
18 Spine and Leaf Topology OSPF and EBGP Part 1
19 Spine and Leaf Topology OSPF and EBGP Part 2
20 Spine and Leaf Topology OSPF and EBGP Part 3
21 Router on a Stick Encapsulation
22 VLAN Connectivity
23 VLAN Assignment
24 The STP Guard Root Command
25 The err-disable Command