SwiftUI Essential Training

SwiftUI Essential Training

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SwiftUI, an innovative new way to lay out user interfaces on Apple platforms, made its debut with the release of Xcode 11. This UI tool kit provides layout structures, controls, and views that allow you to build user interfaces for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV—all from the same code. If you’re curious how SwiftUI differs from UIKit and AppKit—or just want to get started with this powerful new tool kit—then this course is for you. Join Steven Lipton as he demonstrates how to use Xcode and SwiftUI to set up an app’s user interface. Discover how to work with collection views, add navigation, animate interactions, and more. To lend these concepts a real-world context, he steps through how to use SwiftUI to build the front end of an ordering app for a pizza restaurant.

Topics include:

  • Creating a new project in Xcode using SwiftUI
  • Collection views
  • Using space, color, and text modifiers
  • Adding navigation
  • Using binding variables
  • Adding pickers
  • Adding other frameworks to SwiftUI projects
+ Table of Contents

1 The mind blowing game changer SwiftUI
2 What you should know
3 Start a new SwiftUI project
4 Some Swift review
5 The code window and canvas
6 Modifiers in canvas and code
7 ContentView previews
8 Embed a stack view
9 Basic lists
10 ForEach
11 Make a new file
12 Extract subviews
13 Subviews with parameters
14 Challenge
15 Solution
16 Space modifiers
17 Color modifiers
18 Text modifiers
19 SF symbols
20 Images and effects
21 Size modifiers
22 Scale modifiers
23 Position modifiers
24 Challenge
25 Solution
26 State variables and buttons
27 Dynamic collections
28 The identifiable protocol
29 Populating collections
30 Navigation
31 Add a model to root views
32 Use binding variables
33 Use Combine and ObservedObject in models
34 Environment variables
35 Challenge
36 Solution
37 Tab bars
38 Alerts
39 Presenting sheets
40 Steppers
41 Pickers
42 Text input
43 List interaction
44 Animation
45 Tap gestures
46 Challenge
47 Solution
48 Add a map
49 Add UIViewControllers
50 SwiftUI to storyboards
51 GeometryReader
52 Dynamically sizing fonts
53 Start a multiplatform SwiftUI project
54 Multiplatform for macOS
55 Hierarchy data models
56 Outlines
57 Searching hierarchies
58 Collection views and lazy grids
59 Next steps