Swift Algorithms & Data Structures

Swift Algorithms & Data Structures
Swift Algorithms & Data Structures by Wayne Bishop
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1320561976 | 88 Pages | True PDF | 10 MB

Written for students and professionals, Swift Algorithms & Data Structures blends modern code, illustrations and computer science to help you pass the technical interview or build your next app. When creating modern apps, much of the theory inherent to algorithms is often overlooked. Swift Algorithms & Data Structures takes a fresh approach to explain concepts that power search engines, social networks and database systems.
Introduced by Apple in 2014, Swift is quickly becoming the language of choice due to its simplicity and modern syntax. See how Swift works to create solutions for everyday systems as well as mobile apps.
Based on the popular essay series, the book features Swift examples and beautiful illustrations for Linked Lists, Big O Notation, Sorting, Generics, Closures, Hash Tables, Binary Search Trees, Tree Balancing (Rotations), Tries, Stacks & Queues, Graphs Dijkstra’s Shortest Path, Heaps, Depth-First Search and Breadth-First Search.