Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise

Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise
Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise
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Blockchain began as the technology behind bitcoin and is now being deployed at many major industries. This course will provide a high-level explanation of blockchain and its potential by surveying a wide range of enterprise applications and software.

Blockchain is being heralded as a technology that can transform industries from banking, supply chain, energy, and healthcare. In this course, Surveying Blockchain Technologies for Enterprise, you'll learn how to survey numerous applications to tangibly explain how blockchain can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and even open new business opportunities. First, you’ll start by exploring how blockchain works, and how blockchain software developed for enterprise has been optimized for privacy and performance. Next, you'll discover how numerous enterprise blockchain software packages have just been released, and understand the differences between them. Finally, you’ll gain a realistic view of blockchain’s challenges. By the end of this course, you'll understand that blockchain provides a new way for business to share data and automate processes across company boundaries, but it will require substantial coordination, IT investment, and even rethinking of business models.

Table of Contents

01 - Course Overview
02 - What Is Blockchain How Is Enterprise Different Than Bitcoin
03 - Improving Supply Chains with System-wide Transparency
04 - Immutability on Private vs. Public Blockchains
05 - Fine-grained Privacy, Digitization, and Automation
06 - A Smarter, More Efficient Energy Grid, Peer-to-peer Markets
07 - Equities, Finance, Banking, and Payments
08 - More Efficient Patient-centric Healthcare
09 - Enterprise Application Survey Summary
10 - Achieving Consensus - Performance, Security, or Scale
11 - Hyperledger - Fabric, Sawtooth, and Composer
12 - Microsoft Coco Framework
13 - R3 Corda Blockchain
14 - JP Morgan Quorum - Enterprise Ethereum
15 - Guardtime and Stratumn
16 - Conclusions - Public Blockchain vs. Private vs. Database