SQL Course For Beginners: Learn SQL Using MySQL Database

SQL Course For Beginners: Learn SQL Using MySQL Database
SQL Course For Beginners: Learn SQL Using MySQL Database
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Learn SQL From Scratch Using MySQL Databases, A Complete Course For Beginners

Here Is Everything You Will Learn In This Complete Course:

What are databases and why databases are used.

What is SQL and how it can be used to manipulate data into database.

What are the different types of data definition queries used to create tables.

What are the different types of data manipulation queries which can be used to manipulate data.

We first begin the course with the basic introduction about databases and understand what exactly are databases and why they are used. We then learn how to install the required tools which will allow us to create our own databases and add data into it.

Moving along, we learn some SQL operators, and we also learn how these operators can be used in SQL queries which allows us to form more complex queries.

Moving along we learn how SQL statements can be used to insert, update and delete data into the database. Once it is done, we move forward to learn about joins and learn what are different types of joins.

Once we complete each and every concept in SQL, we finally have a set of practice examples, which will allow you to practice SQL queries on your own.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the course
1 Introduction to the course

Introduction to SQL and Databases
2 What are databases and why do we need them
3 Introduction To SQL

Installing required softwares to get us started
4 Installation steps for Windows
5 Installation steps for MAC
6 Installation steps for Linux

Database Creation The Select Statement
7 Creating a new database
8 Creating a table in database
9 Inserting Data Into Table
10 Using the SELECT clause
11 Using the SELECT DISTINCT clause
12 Using the WHERE clause
13 True condition
14 False condition
15 Coding Challenge Part -1
16 Coding Challenge Part-1 Solution
17 Summary Notes For Section 3

SQL Operators
18 SQL AND Operator
19 SQL OR Operator
20 SQL LIKE Operator
21 SQL Between Operator
22 SQL CONCAT Operator
23 SQL Numeric Operator
24 SQL Comparision Operator
25 Coding Challenge Part-3
26 Coding Challenge Part-3 Solution
27 Summary Notes For Section 4

Insert Update And Delete
28 Inserting data using the Insert
29 Insert into select statement
30 Updating data using Update
31 Deleting data using delete
32 Coding Challenge Part-4
33 Coding Challenge Part-4 Solution
34 Summary Notes For Section 5

SQL Joins
35 Introduction to Joins
36 Inner Join
37 Left Outer Join
38 Right Outer Join
39 Full Outer Join
40 Cross Join
41 Coding Challenge Part-5
42 Coding Challenge Part-5 Solution
43 Summary Notes For Section 6

Built In SQL Functions
44 SQL AVG Function
45 SQL Count Function
46 SQL Min Function
47 SQL Max Function
48 SQL Sum Function
49 SQL Ucase Function
50 SQL Lcase Function
51 SQL Mid Function
52 SQL LEN Function
53 Coding Challenge Part-6
54 Coding Challenge Part-6 Solution
55 Summary Notes For Section 7

Constrains In SQL
56 Constrains In SQL
57 Not Null Constrain In SQL
58 Unique Constrain In SQL
59 Primary Key Constrain In SQL
60 Foreign Key Constrain In SQL
61 Default Constrain In SQL
62 Auto Increment Constrain In SQL
63 Summary Notes For Section 8

Practice Examples
64 Practice Example Part 1
65 Practice Example Part 1 Solution
66 Practice Example Part 2
67 Practice Example Part 2 Solution
68 Practice Example Part 3
69 Practice Example Part 3 Solution
70 Practice Example Part 4
71 Practice Example Part 4 Solution
72 Practice Example Part 5
73 Practice Example Part 5 Solution

74 Conclusion Lecture