Spring: Spring Data 2

Spring: Spring Data 2
Spring: Spring Data 2
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Coding to databases—which often involves the use of boilerplate code that’s difficult to maintain and debug—can be tedious work. Upgrading applications to a different kind of data storage is similarly challenging, as it usually involves massive code rewrites. Spring Data addresses these issues by abstracting data store interactions into a common repository API and eliminating boilerplate code.

In this course, learn how to easily implement JPA-based repositories using Spring Data JPA. Mary Ellen Bowman describes the Spring Data umbrella project, and helps you understand JPA for object-relational mapping. She also covers querying, and dives into other Spring Data Commons features such as QueryDSL and auditing.

Topics include:

  • Spring Data Commons
  • Using JPA for object-relational mapping
  • Declaring Spring Data Repositories
  • Creating query methods with property expressions and @Query
  • Query by example
  • QueryDSL Spring Data Extension
  • Spring Data REST
  • Introduction to Spring Data Mongo
  • Common pitfalls
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know before watching
3 How to use the exercise files

The Spring Data Umbrella Project
4 Spring Data Commons

Understanding JPA for Object-Relational Mapping
5 Logical model vs. physical model
6 Brief history of the Java Persistence API
7 Map a database table to a Java class
8 Map multiple tables to Java classes
9 Java Persistence query language

Introduction to Spring Data JPA
10 JPA without Spring Data
11 Spring Data repositories interfaces
12 CrudRepository interface for entities
13 JPA Repository

Querying with Spring Data
14 Property expression query methods
15 Query method clauses and expressions
16 @Query query methods
17 Paging and sorting
18 QueryByExample
19 Optional query response

Other Spring Data Commons Features
20 Spring Data MongoDB example
21 Spring Data JDBC example
22 Spring Data reactive repository example
23 Other Spring Data datasource solutions

More Spring Data Modules
24 Spring Data REST
25 QueryDSL Spring data extension
26 Auditing
27 Read-Only repository pattern

28 Next steps