Spring Boot Essential Training

Spring Boot Essential Training
Spring Boot Essential Training
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Learn how to get started with Spring Boot, a powerful framework to build web applications quickly, using less code. The Java-based programs you build in Spring Boot "just run": they resolve their own dependencies and create containers for running code in any environment. Learn how to use Spring Boot to build your projects in this course with software architect and Spring developer Frank Moley. Frank shows how to initialize, package, and run Spring Boot web apps and CLI apps, and use the library of common starter projects to fill business-critical needs: data, messaging, security, and more. Plus, find how to extend Spring Boot by creating your own starters and use the Actuator module's HTTP endpoints to monitor and manage your apps.

Topics include:

  • Creating a Spring Boot application
  • Configuring a Spring Boot app
  • Leveraging profiles
  • Packaging and running Spring Boot web apps
  • Building a command-line application
  • Using Spring Boot starters: Spring Data, Spring Security, and more
  • Extending Spring Boot
  • Using Spring Boot Actuator to monitor app health and other metrics
Table of Contents

1 Welcome to Spring Boot
2 What you need to know
3 Working with exercise files

Boot Camp
4 The tweet that started it all
5 Creating a Spring Boot application from the web
6 Understanding autoconfiguration in Spring Boot
7 Configuring a Spring Boot application
8 Leveraging profiles in Spring Boot applications
9 Spring Boot Actuator

Web Applications with Spring Boot
10 Spring Boot default web dependencies
11 Configuring embedded Tomcat
12 MVC in Spring Boot
13 RESTful services in Spring Boot with MVC and JAX-RS
14 Leveraging development tools
15 Packaging a Spring Boot application
16 Running a Spring Boot application

Command Line Applications with Spring Boot
17 Command line runner interface
18 Building a command line application

Using Spring Boot Starters
19 Spring Data in Spring Boot applications
20 Implementing Spring Data
21 Spring Security in Spring Boot applications
22 Implementing Spring Security
23 Asynchronous messaging in Spring Boot applications
24 Implementing a message consumer
25 Implementing a message producer

Extending Spring Boot
26 Spring Boot autoconfiguration
27 Creating a Spring Boot starter
28 Building your first Spring Boot starter

Extending Actuator
29 Securing Actuator
30 Info endpoint
31 Health endpoint
32 Metrics endpoint
33 Adding custom endpoints
34 The rest of Actuator

35 Next steps