Solutions Architecture: From Data to ROI

Solutions Architecture: From Data to ROI
Solutions Architecture: From Data to ROI by Ted Malaska
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1491964842 | 275 Pages | PDF (Early Release) | 21 MB

Although big data technologies have been available for the past ten years, they’re still undergoing rapid development. For companies just entering this field, this practical book delivers advice for every stage of the big data project development cycle. You’ll learn patterns that apply to pre-project preparations, setting a project’s core architecture on the right track, and a building organization culture that is agile and innovative.
Ideal for CIOs, COOs, VPs, directors, lead architects, project managers, and lead developers alike, Solutions Architecture contains three sections that address different parts of the software development lifecycle with patterns that build upon each other to maximize success throughout the life of the project.
With this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Lower overall project risk
  • Shorten time to ROI
  • Extend the life of architecture usefulness through good designs and flexibility
  • Build a culture that produces innovation and builds up one another
  • Isolate and recover from failures or requirement changes