Software Testing Foundations: Test Management

Software Testing Foundations: Test Management
Software Testing Foundations: Test Management
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Software testing is characterized by unknown issues and unpredictable results. What bugs might be discovered? What happens if the product stops working? Does the test plan cover everything? What happens if the quality team misses a critical issue? The fact is good test management can mitigate and even fix most of these concerns. This course covers the best practices and processes involved in effectively managing a quality test. Join instructor Mike Fine and learn how to prepare for testing, execute your test plan, manage the data that results, and understand the next step of the software development cycle. Whether your organization has 1,000 people working on development or just one, the techniques you learn here will help you move a new software application from a prototype to full release and ensure a quality product is delivered.

Table of Contents

1 Starting out with test management
2 What you should know

Prepping for Tests
3 Review the test plan
4 Evaluate resources
5 Align with your teams
6 Launching the test

Test Execution
7 Test plan test cases test cycles
8 Document
9 Identifying issues and ideas
10 Regression management

Data Management
11 Bug tracking
12 Reporting results
13 Archiving test results
14 Understanding SDLC and test

15 Beyond test management