Software Architecture Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

Software Architecture Fundamentals, 2nd Edition
Software Architecture Fundamentals, 2nd Edition
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Software Architecture Fundamentals, Second Edition: Understanding Key Responsibilities, Characteristics, and Patterns
Being a successful software architect is more than just possessing technical knowledge. It’s about thinking like an architect, being a leader, and understanding the architectural elements, patterns, and styles necessary to create effective software architectures. In this full update to their “Software Architecture Fundamentals 2015” (O’Reilly Media) video course, Neal Ford and Mark Richards empower you with the essential skills you need to be effective in this role. You’ll be introduced to previously unmentioned architecture patterns, such as command query responsibility segregation (CQRS) and LMAX, along with the most effective tools and strategies for analyzing architecture. This video is designed for senior-level developers who want to become software architects and for junior architects who want to bump up their skill sets.

  • Understand the four main aspects of being a software architect
  • Learn the difference between architecture decisions and technology decisions
  • Acquire crucial soft skills, such as how to communicate effectively as a team leader
  • Explore ways to match methodologies with architecture to ensure successful implementations
  • Discover various techniques and patterns for integrating multiple applications and databases
  • Learn how to make your architecture more adaptable to changes in business and technology
  • Understand application, integration, and enterprise architecture frameworks
  • Get up to speed on architecture patterns such as CQRS and LMAX
  • Pick up techniques, strategies, and tools for analyzing architecture
  • Explore the impact of engineering practices like continuous delivery and evolutionary architecture
Table of Contents

01 What is Software Architecture
02 Understanding the Expectations of an Architect
03 Thinking Like an Architect
04 Identifying Architecture Characteristics
05 Analyzing Architecture Tradeoffs
06 Understanding Layered Architecture
07 Understanding Microkernel Architecture
08 Understanding Event-Driven Architecture
09 Understanding Pipeline Architecture
10 Understanding Space-Based Architecture
11 Understanding Microservices Architecture
12 Understanding Service-Oriented Architecture
13 Understanding Service-Based Architecture
14 Serverless Architectures
15 Understanding LMAX
16 Identifying and Creating Components
17 Documenting Software Architecture
18 Presenting Software Architecture
19 Creating Architectures – Architecture Katas
20 Analyzing Architecture – Structural Decay
21 Analyzing Architecture – Macro Detection
22 Analyzing Architecture – Micro Detection
23 Analyzing Architecture – Analysis Tools
24 Understanding Architectural Continuous Delivery
25 Understanding Enterprise Architecture in the 21st Century
26 Understanding Evolutionary Architecture
27 Developing an Architecture Career Path