Smarter Web Apps with Azure ML and Cognitive Services

Smarter Web Apps with Azure ML and Cognitive Services
Smarter Web Apps with Azure ML and Cognitive Services
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Use Microsoft Cognitive Services, APIs, & SDKs to build applications which are intelligent, engaging, and discoverable

Build an interactive and AI-driven web application on top of the Azure Cloud that takes advantage of Azure ML and Cognitive Services. ML and Cognitive Services are revolutionizing the way your customers interact with web apps.

You can now make your customers’ experience more engaging and informed. Start converting more leads, because your applications are so smart that they can see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret customer needs through a natural method of communication.

Microsoft offers web developers, like you, the ability to do this. With Azure ML and Microsoft Cognitive Services, you can integrate Machine Learning and Cognitive Services into your apps. Improving your lead conversion, customer experience, time investment, and cost.

No other course gives you the skills you need to create apps that are not only smarter, but also scalable, user-friendly, and innovative.

The course is designed to give you an initial overview of what Azure has to offer when it comes to developing an interactive and AI-driven web application that takes advantage of Azure ML and Cognitive Services, and then takes you step-by-step through a real development scenario, with tasks that are key to your business needs. Additionally, you get helpful resource documents and videos that support the labs and provide further learning opportunities.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop smarter web applications while getting a detailed overview of Azure Cognitive services
  • Build an interactive and AI-driven web applications with Azure Cognitive Services
  • Easily deploy an Azure Machine Learning web service,
  • Dive into Azure ML Studio. and build, test, and deploy predictive analytic solutions on Azure and integrate them with your web apps
  • Make your App understand natural language using the LUIS API
  • Easily detect human-faces using the Face API
  • Search billions of web pages, images, videos, and news with a single Bing web search API call
Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Overview of Smarter Web Apps
03 Services Offered under Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
04 Use Cases —Integrating Cognitive Service to Make Your Web App Smarter
05 Using the Knowledge API to Detect Any Anomalies
06 Speech API
07 Text Analytics API
08 ML Use Cases and Models to Make Your Apps Smarter
09 Introduction to Azure ML Studio
10 Creating and Converting the Training Experiment to a Predictive Experiment
11 Deploy Predictive Experiment as a Web Service (REST API)
12 Consuming the Azure ML Experiment as Batch Execution
13 Need for Apps to Understand Natural Language
14 Challenges Faced while Building Natural Language
15 LUIS — Introduction, Benefits and Scenarios
16 Build a LUIS Application
17 Integrating LUIS in Our Application
18 Face Verification as an Added Layer of Security
19 Introduction to Face API
20 Use the Face API in a Visual Studio Application
21 Add Face Detection to an Application
22 Use Cases of Web Scraping
23 Introduction to Bing Web Search API
24 Configure the Web Scraping Model
25 Call the Bing Web Search API