Web Design Build a single Page Website Parallax site

Web Design Build a single Page Website Parallax site
Web Design Build a single Page Website Parallax site
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Step by step guide to building a modern single page website from scratch

Do you want to build your web portfolio and expand your knowledge of web design?

Recently trending web design concept of parallax involves the background moving at a different rate to the foreground content. This creates an interesting effect as the visitor scroll down the website.

Within this course we introduce the concept of web design for modern websites. Creating an HTML frame, adding CSS styling and then applying dynamic interaction via jQuery.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about web design and how to create modern custom websites from scratch. Everything you need is included within this course. Learn how it all fits together within this unique project based learning course.

Build a real web project and add cool animation effects. This course is designed to teach you step by step what each line of code does, how and where to apply the code to get the desired results.

  • This course provides everything you need to get started with web design.
  • Project introduction and planning
  • Step by Step learning about web design
  • HTML page structuring designing your website template
  • Creating proper structure to prepare for CSS
  • Applying CSS to styling you website
  • Creating effects within your website
  • Adding jQuery for dynamic interactive content
  • Adding animations to scroll
  • using jQuery to check viewer scroll location to create active navbar
  • Tweaking and updating CSS
Table of Contents

Web Design Learn how to build a website from scratch
1 Parallax Single Page Site Introduction
2 Course Resources
3 Create Wireframe of Website
4 HTML structure create Navmenu
5 Creating HTML sections
6 Basic HTML source Code.html
7 Placeholder content
8 Apply CSS to HTML
9 How to create a Navbar from UL
10 Full page size sections and background defaults
11 Add background images
12 Make your text standout
13 Tweaking the navbar for responsive effects
14 Responsive Updates and Fixes
15 Navbar for small screens
16 Adding Footer and updating sections
17 Source Code HTML and CSS.html

Adding in animated effects with jQuery
18 Adding jQuery create event triggers
19 jQuery binding window events
20 Adding icon library
21 Animate Scrolling with jQuery
22 Slidemenu up jQuery
23 Add Parallax effect
24 Create a Contact Form
25 Single Page Parallax site summary
26 Source Code HTML jQuery.html
27 Source Code CSS.html
28 resources.html