Sequences in Python

Sequences in Python
Sequences in Python
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Sequences are special kinds of collections in which elements are accessed via index, and understanding them is crucial to becoming a proficient Python programmer. Learn about tuples and lists and the APIs that accompany them, and learn about functional programming in Python.

Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:16 Using Tuples
00:05:45 Exploring Tuples (Demo)
00:10:29 Using Lists
00:12:22 Creating Lists (Demo)
00:13:55 Mutating Lists
00:15:22 Using Append, Insert, Remove, Pop, and Clear (Demo)
00:18:22 Ordering List Items
00:21:49 Using Sort and Reverse (Demo)
00:28:03 Functional Programming with Lists
00:33:08 Using Map, Filter, and Reduce (Demo)
00:41:36 Working with Sequences
00:46:07 Slicing and For Loops (Demo)
00:49:48 Conclusion