Selenium WebDriver With Python 3.x – Novice To Ninja

Selenium WebDriver With Python 3.x – Novice To Ninja

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Join the best course to learn how to implement an automation framework from scratch using real web application

Best Selenium WebDriver With Python Programming Language Course Complete Framework Implementation From Scratch

This course includes a wide range of topics from Selenium WebDriver Basics and Advanced, Python Programming Concepts, Unittest And Pytest Framework, Automation Framework Design (Page Objects, Data Driven, Reading CSV Files), Logging Infrastructure, Cross-Browser Testing, Interview Preparation. All materials including code files.

You achieve two targets with one single course

Complete Python Programming Language

Selenium WebDriver Automation

Why Python Programming Language?

Python Programming Language is the fastest growing programming language within both the fields, development and testing. QA industry is rapidly progressing to move on with Python Programming Language for all the automation needs because of the flexibility it offers.

One stop place to become an Expert in Web Automation Framework related technologies from scratch

We start from Beginners level and go through Advance level. This is a single course for everything you need to know related to Web UI Automation.

What you’ll learn

  • At the end of this course, you will have detailed understanding of Web Automation Frameworks
  • You will be able to EXPLAIN, DESIGN and IMPLEMENT structured AUTOMATION FRAMEWORKS
  • You should be able to lead any Selenium Automation Project on your own
  • You will have required skills to automate any web application
  • You will be able to get hands on Python Programming Language
  • You will be able to understand and write efficient testing code
  • You will be able to perform CROSS-BROWSER testing
  • You will have good understanding of Unittest and Pytest Frameworks
  • If you are looking for a job, with all this great knowledge you should be easily able to clear Selenium Automation interviews

+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Why Selenium
3 Selenium WebDriver Architecture – How It Works
4 Instructor Introduction
5 How To Reach Me Anytime MUST WATCH

Setup And Configuration
6 Python Installation – Windows
7 Configuration Of Python – Windows
8 Python Installation And Setup – Mac
9 First Project Creation And PyCharm Installation
10 Must Watch Lecture Before Moving Forward
11 Package Management Using PIP
12 Installing iPython

Understanding Variables And Data Type
13 Python Terminal Walkthrough
14 Understanding Objects And References
15 Variables Rules
16 Numbers Data Type And Math Operations
17 Numbers – Exponentiation And Modulo
18 Arithmetic Order Of Precedence
19 Boolean Data Type
20 Working With Strings
21 String Methods – Part 1
22 String Methods – Part 2
23 More String Slicing And Indexing
24 Strings Formatting

Advanced Data Types
25 List And Accessing The Elements
26 List Methods
27 Working With Dictionary
28 Nested Dictionary
29 Dictionary Methods
30 Working With Tuple

Comparison And Boolean Operators
31 Working With Comparators
32 Understanding Boolean Operators
33 Boolean Operators – Order Of Precedence

Program Control Flow
34 Conditional Logic – If Else Conditions
35 While Loop Demo
36 Break Continue And While Else
37 For Loop Demo
38 Iterating Multiple Lists – Using the Zip Function
39 Using Range Function In For Loop

Functions Methods – Working With Reusable Code
40 Understanding Methods
41 Working With Return Values
42 Working With Positional Optional Parameters
43 Understanding Variable Scope
44 More Built-In Functions
45 Practice Exercise With Solution Homework

Classes – Object Oriented Programming
46 Understanding Objects Classes
47 Create Your Own Object
48 Create Your Own Methods
49 Inheritance
50 Method Overriding
51 Practice Exercise With Solution Homework

Exception Handling
52 Exception Handling Demo
53 Finally And Else Block
54 Practice Exercise With Solution Homework

55 Builtin Modules
56 Create Your Own Modules

Working With Files
57 How To Write Data To A File
58 How To Read A File
59 File Handling Using With And As Keywords

How To Inspect Elements On Different Browsers – Add-Ons
60 Introduction
61 How To Inspect Elements Using Firefox DevTools
62 Firefox Add-On – Try XPath
63 How To Inspect Elements Using Chrome DevTools
64 Chrome Extension – Part 1
65 Chrome Extension – Part 2
66 Tricks To Generate XPath
67 Best Element Inspect Tool

Selenium WebDriver – Setup And Installation
68 Selenium WebDriver Installation
69 How To Install Selenium Plugin To PyCharm
70 Selenium 3.x Update

Selenium WebDriver – Running Tests On Various Browsers
71 Running Tests On Firefox
72 Running Tests On Google Chrome
73 Requirements To Run Tests On IE
74 Running Tests On Internet Explorer
75 Requirements To Run Tests On Safari
76 Running Tests On Safari
77 How To Set Drivers In System Path – Mac
78 How To Set Drivers In System Path – Windows
79 Interview Questions

Selenium WebDriver – Finding Elements
80 Understanding Elements And DOM
81 Find Element By Id And Name
82 Understanding Dynamic Ids And Selenium Exception
83 Find Element By XPath And CSS Selectors
84 Find Element By Link Text
85 Find Element By Class Name And Tag Name
86 Understanding By Class
87 How To Find List Of Elements
88 Interview Questions

CSS Selectors – Advanced Locators
89 Using Ids With CSS Selectors To Find Elements
90 How To Use Multiple CSS Classes To Find Elements
91 Using Wildcards With CSS Selectors
92 How To Find Child Nodes Using CSS Selectors
93 CSS Cheat Sheet

Xpath – Advanced Locators
94 Difference Between Absolute And Relative Xpath
95 How to Build An Effective Xpath
96 Using Text To Build An Effective Xpath
97 Build Xpath Using Contains Keyword
98 Build Xpath Using Starts-With Keyword
99 How To Find Parent and Sibling Nodes
100 Practice Exercise With Solution + Interview Question
101 Xpath Cheat Sheet

Selenium WebDriver – Working With Web Elements
102 Browser Interactions Introduction
103 Browser Interaction Practical Implementation
104 How To Click And Type On A Web Element
105 How To Find The State Of A Web Element (Disabled And Enabled Elements)
106 Radio Buttons And Checkboxes
107 Working With Elements List
108 Understanding Dropdown Elements
109 Working With A Dropdown Element Practical Example
110 How To Work With Hidden Elements
111 Working With Hidden Elements – Practical Example
112 Interview Questions

Selenium WebDriver – Useful Methods And Properties
113 How To Get The Text On Element
114 How To Get Value Of Element Attribute
115 Generic Method To Find Elements
116 How To Check If Element Is Present
117 How To Build Dynamic XPath
118 Interview Questions

Selenium WebDriver – Wait Types
119 Implicit Wait Vs Explicit Wait
120 Implicit Wait Practical Example
121 Explicit Wait Practical Example
122 Generic Method To Work With Explicit Wait
123 Interview Questions

Selenium WebDriver – Advanced
124 Calendar Selection Introduction
125 Calendar Selection Practical Example
126 Calendar Selection Real Time Example
127 AutoComplete Introduction
128 AutoComplete Practical Example
129 How To Take Screenshots
130 Generic Method To Take Screenshots
131 Executing JavaScript Commands
132 How To Find Size Of The Window
133 How To Scroll Element Into View
134 Interview Questions

Selenium WebDriver – Switch Window And IFrames
135 How To Switch Window Focus
136 Switch To Window Practical Example
137 How To Work With IFrames
138 Switch To IFrame Practical Example
139 Handling JavaScript Popup

Selenium WebDriver – Working With Actions Class
140 Mouse Hover Actions
141 How To Drag And Drop Element On A Web Page
142 Working With Sliders Actions

Logging Infrastructure
143 Introduction To Logging Infrastructure
144 Changing The Format Of Logs
145 Logger – Console Example
146 Logger – Configuration File Example
147 How To Write A Generic Custom Logger Utility

Unittest Infrastructure
148 Unittest Introduction
149 Writing First Test Case
150 How To Implement Class Level SetUp And TearDown Methods
151 How To Assert A Test Method
153 How To Run Code From Terminal
154 How To Create A Test Suite

Pytest – Advanced Testing Framework
155 Pytest Installation And First Script
156 Pytest Naming Conventions
157 How To Work With PyTest Fixtures
158 Pytest Fixture Update
159 Multiple Ways To Run Test Cases
160 Important Note For Next Lecture
161 Conftest – Common Fixtures To Multiple Modules
162 How To Maintain Run Order Of Tests
163 Running Tests Based On Command Line Arguments
164 Structure Tests In A Test Class
165 How To Return A Value From Fixtures
166 Install PyTest HTML Plugin
167 How To Generate HTML Test Report

Automation Framework – Part 1
168 Automation Framework Introduction
169 Understanding Framework Structure
170 Where To Practice Framework Content MUST WATCH
171 Test Scenario Without Framework
172 Convert Test Case To Page Object Model Framework
173 Refactor Your Page Object Class – Part 1
174 Build Your Custom Selenium Driver Class
175 Refactor Your Page Object Class – Part 2

Automation Framework – Part 2
176 Add Logging To Automation Framework
177 How To Verify Test Case Result
178 Complete Login Page Test Cases
179 Create Conftest To Implement Common Setup Methods
180 Refactor Conftest Make Framework More Readable

Automation Framework – Part 3
181 How To Assert Without Stopping Test Execution
182 How To Assert Without Stopping Test Execution Practical Example Part – 1
183 How To Assert Without Stopping Test Execution Practical Example Part – 2
184 Implement Screenshots In A Framework
185 Taking Screenshots On Test Failure
186 BasePage And Util Concept Introduction
187 Inheriting BasePage Class

Automation Framework – Practice Exercise
188 CustomDriver – Additional Methods Before Exercise
189 Practice Exercise Question
190 Find Element Locators – Solution Part 1
191 Create Register Courses Page Class – Solution Part 2
192 Create Register Courses Test Class – Solution Part 3
193 Practice Exercise Solution Update – Part 1
194 Practice Exercise Solution Update – Part 2
195 Handling Dynamic IFrames In Framework

Data Driven Testing
196 Setup And Configuration
197 Data Driven Testing Practical Implementation
198 Utility To Read CSV Data
199 Multiple Data Sets Test Case Practical Example

Running Complete Test Suite
200 How To Manage Navigation In Framework
201 Refactor Login Tests
202 How To Run A Test Suite
203 Running Test Suite On Chrome

Git And GitHub – Version Control System
204 Git And GitHub Introduction
205 Git Installation On Windows
206 Git Installation On Mac
207 Create Local Git Repository – Staging And Commit
208 File Checkin – GitHub Remote Repository
209 Advantages And Importance Of Git Branches
210 File Checkin and Resolve Merge Conflicts – Real Time Example
211 Course Code Files On GitHub
212 GitHub Project Check-in And Git Clone

Continuous Integration With Jenkins
213 Jenkins Features And Advantages
214 Jenkins Setup And Installation – Generic WAR File
215 Jenkins Setup And Installation – Windows
216 Jenkins Setup And Installation – Mac
217 Securing Jenkins
218 Jenkins Plugins Management
219 Building A Freestyle Project Using Jenkins And GitHub

220 BONUS What’s Next Some Really Exciting Courses
221 Python Programming Language Code Files
222 Selenium WebDriver Code Files
223 Automation Framework Code Files