Security Awareness: Social Engineering

Security Awareness: Social Engineering
Security Awareness: Social Engineering
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Social engineering is one of the most dangerous forms of hacking because it preys on human nature. Learn how to defend your organization from social engineering by recognizing and thwarting the most common types of attacks. This course provides security teams and professionals with information on common social engineering techniques and safeguards. Instructor Stephanie Ihezukwu—a security analyst and engineer—describes how phishing, vishing, baiting, and physical activities like tailgating all provide entry to bad actors, and explains how training can be the most effective tool to combat these attacks. She also explains how to create policies and procedures; set up controls around passwords, email, and software updates; and conduct tests to see how effective your defenses truly are.

Topics include:

  • Social engineering techniques
  • Phishing and vishing
  • Baiting
  • Tailgating and shoulder surfing
  • Providing cybersecurity awareness training
  • Managing passwords
  • Creating policies and procedures
  • Testing your defenses
  • Elements of an effective training program
Table of Contents

1 Defeat social engineers
2 What is social engineering
3 Influence and decision-making
4 Phishing
5 Pretexting
6 Spear phishing and whaling
7 Vishing
8 Baiting
9 Tailgating and shoulder surfing
10 Cybersecurity awareness training
11 Properly manage passwords
12 Install patches
13 Spam filter
14 Sandboxing
15 Scan your attachments
16 Anti–social engineering software
17 Create policies and procedures
18 Phishing simulations
19 Penetration test
20 Physical penetration test
21 Social engineering penetration test
22 Training videos
23 Posters and flyers
24 Education on personal data security
25 Next steps