Securing Windows Server 2019

Securing Windows Server 2019
Securing Windows Server 2019
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Security is a vital part of any enterprise environment. In this course, follow Ed Liberman as he explains how to keep Windows Server 2019 secure. Ed dives into a variety of essential topics, including server hardening, mitigating common network threats, and securing files services. Plus, he shows how to manage privileged identities—including how to delegate privileges and configure account lockout policies—and dives into advanced audit polices.

Topics include:

  • Implementing the Encrypting File System (EFS)
  • Protecting your servers from malware
  • Common network threats
  • Implementing IPsec
  • Securing file services
  • Delegating privileges
  • Configuring account lockout policies
  • Managing advanced audit policies
Table of Contents

1 Learn practical strategies for securing Windows Server 2019
2 What you should know

Server Hardening
3 Cryptography
4 Public key encryption
5 EFS overview
6 Implementing EFS
7 Malware protection

Secure the Network
8 Network security threats
9 Windows firewall and advanced security
10 IPSec overview
11 Implementing IPSec

Secure File Services
12 Install File Server Resource Manager
13 Quota templates
14 Create quotas
15 File screening

Manage Privileged Identities
16 User rights
17 Delegate privileges
18 Create a taskpad
19 Password policies
20 Account lockout policies

Configure Advanced Audit Policies
21 Audit policy
22 Audit object access
23 Manage advanced audit policy

24 Next steps