Scala Intermediate Recipes

Scala Intermediate Recipes
Scala Intermediate Recipes
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Delve into Scala's more powerful features with some easy tricks

Now that we have the easy stuff out of the way, we take delve into some of Scala's more powerful features. Pattern matching is Scala's tremendous ability to deconstruct data in intuitive and readable ways, letting you write safely in a few lines of code what other languages can take tens of buggy lines to get across. We'll explore the various ways that patterns can be used, as well as some of the more advanced functionality that they hide. A quick detour into testing will introduce the specs2 library and how to use it to do behavior-driven development in Scala. Then we'll dig into Scala's collections some more; Scala's collections library is vast, and holds many powerful tools for dealing with data. Finally, we'll go through a few tricks that let you get readable and type-safe frameworks in place to describe your domain.

This video is an easy-to-follow guide full of examples to help you gain an in-depth understanding of Scala. This video showcases the powerful features of Scala recipes

What You Will Learn

  • Use Pattern matching to write safe code
  • Create advanced functionalities in your code using patterns
  • Learn to test your code using the spec2 library
  • Incorporate Functional Programming in your code
  • Tips and tricks to add more functionality in your programs
Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Basic Pattern Matching
03 Pattern Matching Collections
04 Case Classes
05 Try_Catch Statements and Pattern Matching
06 PartialFunctions
07 Custom Match Patterns
08 specs2 Basics
09 specs2 Matchers
10 Mocking with specs2
11 Generative Testing
12 specs2 Tips and Tricks
13 Additional Collection Types
14 Basic Mutability with Builders
15 Interesting Collection Features
16 Sorting Collections
17 Intermediate for Comprehensions
18 Trait Stacking and Abstract Override
19 Function Declaration Tricks