Sass Essential Training

Sass Essential Training
Sass Essential Training
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Learn the fundamentals of Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass), a modern web development language that helps you write CSS better, faster, and with more advanced features. Ray Villalobos shows you the best way to install Sass and work with its main features: variables, nesting, partials, and mixins. Plus, learn how to use SassScript to create complex functions from Sass lists and control statements.

Topics include:

  • Working with variables
  • Nesting styles
  • Creating mixins
  • Conditional statements and loops in SassScript
  • Extending your mixins
  • Working with lists and maps
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know before watching this course
3 Using the exercise files

Getting Started
4 Understanding Sass
5 Installation options
6 Working with the automation template

Learning Sass Fundamentals
7 Working with variables
8 Nesting your styles
9 Using Partials
10 Creating basic mixins
11 Using the extend method
12 Referencing parent selectors with

Working with SassScript
13 Using comments and hidden comments
14 Working with math operations
15 Modifying colors
16 Creating list elements
17 Using the content container
18 Conditional if statements and argument lists
19 Looping through lists with for
20 Going through a list with each
21 Working with the map data type

22 Next steps