Routing Technologies for Professionals

Routing Technologies for Professionals

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This detailed course focuses on Layer 3 technologies and protocols included in the current CCNP Routing & Switching exam bleuprint. The topics are broken down into smaller easy-to-digest pieces, and verbal explanations given by the instructor are backed up by hands-on demonstrations on Cisco IOS. By completing this course, you will obtain a professional to expert level understanding of core Layer 3 technologies used in any modern network, such as routing, OSPFv2/v3, EIGRP/EIGRPv6, BGP or VRFs.
+ Table of Contents

1 Course Introduction

Introduction to IP Routing
2 IP Routing
3 Static Routing

Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Summarization & Filtering
4 Routing Protocols RIPv2
5 Route Summarization
6 RIPv2 Summarization
7 Route Filtering
8 Prefix Lists
9 Route Maps
10 RIPv2 Route Filtering
11 Routing Protocols RIPng

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)
12 Routing Protocols- EIGRP
13 EIGRP Named Mode
14 EIGRP Load Balancing
15 EIGRP Queries
16 EIGRP Stub
17 EIGRP Summarization
18 EIGRP Route Filtering
19 Routing Protocols- EIGRPv6
20 EIGRPv6 Summarization & Filtering

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
21 Routing Protocols OSPF
22 OSPF Route Filtering
23 OSPF Summarization
24 Routing Protocols OSPFv3
25 OSPFv3 Address Families
26 OSPFv3 Route Filtering & Summarization
27 OSPF Network Types
28 OSPF LSA Overview & Intra-Area LSAs
29 OSPF Inter-Area LSAs
30 OSPF External LSAs
31 OSPF Areas
32 Stub Area, Totally Stubby Area
33 NSSA, Totally NSSA
34 OSPF Virtual Link

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
35 Routing Protocols- BGP
36 BGP Route Filtering
37 BGP Summarization
38 BGP for IPv6
39 BGP Messages & States
40 BGP Session Setup
41 BGP Next-Hop Processing
42 The BGP Table
43 BGP Path Selection
44 BGP Attributes- Weight, Local Preference
45 BGP Attributes- AS PATH, MED
46 BGP Peer Groups

Routing Protocol Security
47 Routing Protocol Authentication
48 Implementing Routing Protocol Authentication

Advanced Routing Concepts
49 Route Redistribution
50 Advanced Route Redistribution
51 Traffic Engineering
52 Policy-Based Routing

Routing Virtualization
53 VRF Lite
54 Easy Virtual Network (EVN)